Need to re-take exams?

Sometimes an unexpected set of A Level or GCSE results can mean the need to rethink your plans for Sixth Form or Higher Education.  Whether you are a student here at BSG or not, here's some helpful advice on the options open to you:

A Levels

If your results are better than expected then perhaps you should consider a more competitive university via the clearing route?  Universities always want the best possible candidates and so it is an option for you and one which has become more common in recent years. If you have done so well that you want to take a gap year and re-apply next year, be aware that there may be extra costs to allow for due to changes in the latest Budget. 

Not received the grades needed for your first-choice University offer? Don't panic, all is not lost; clearing can offer alternative courses or the chance to study at a different university. You may wish to think about re-taking exams with the aim of meeting, or even beating, the required grade set.  


Firstly, well done to those students whose results are better than predicted - your hard work and the hours of revision have paid off.  Are you taking your strongest subjects at A Level? Does the selection of A Levels feed into the career path you wish to follow or are they needed for a particular university course? Are they the subjects that you are most passionate about? Take a look at the school's track record in securing success for its pupils and guiding them in the direction that's right for them, their circumstances and their skills.

Make sure the Sixth Form you are considering is offering you the support and individual attention to ensure you can achieve your full potential. The academic support as well as the pastoral care is hugely important at this stage in your educational journey so it's important to feel confident about the school or Sixth Form you choose.

If your grades have come up slightly short of what you wanted to gain, don't despair. With the right advice and support you can be put back on track exceedingly quickly. With a dedicated set of Sixth Form tutors, BSG can put in place an individual study plan that suits you, your particular talents and your skills.  It's fabulous to have high achieving goals but we are experts in making sure that examination goals are achievable and realistic, yet challenging and stretching, whilst at the same time offering you an environment which is fun and enjoyable to study at.

Take a further look at the curriculum we offer at BSG.  Our academic reputation continues to build each year.  Although we are an academically non-selective school, in the 2015 DfE exam league tables we were the second top school in Somerset at GCSE and top within a 15 mile radius for the facilitating subjects. We pride ourselves in getting to know each girl and helping her develop into the best she can be.

Although results are undoubtedly important, they alone don't make you a success or failure.  Lots of people go on to have very succcessful and fulfilled lives without strong results. Don't forget - you are much more than just the results you get and you, together with your parents and school, must know that a good, rounded education provides so much more in terms of an excellent springboard for all aspects of your future.

If you would like to know more about our subject options available at A Level or GCSE, or wish to enquire about re-taking exams here at BSG, then contact us for an informal chat about the opportunities that could lie ahead.


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