Latin (KS3, GCSE and A level)

Latin has stood the test of time as an exciting subject which deserves study, both from an historical perspective, as the language of one of the greatest empires on earth, and because of its importance in enabling us to understand and decode many of the structures which underpin our modern society.

Well thought of by universities, studying Latin is an academic passport that can enhance learning in a wide range of subjects, from the Humanities to the Sciences. It also brings considerable insight to understanding the grammar of our own language, whilst providing a valuable platform for learning other languages. In addition, learning Latin at a higher level will enable students to develop their skills of judgement and analysis, as a large part of the course requires students to create a balanced and reasoned point of view, which they can justify by reference to known texts.

GCSE Latin is an optional extra, studied outside the timetable to enable girls to take this as an additional subject, and is a full GCSE. Girls develop translation and comprehension skills, working from Latin to English, and are also introduced to a range of short literature texts by writers such as Virgil and Cicero.

A level Latin comprises the study of a range of authors, including verse literature and prose literature, in greater depth, and girls develop their critical appreciation of the stylistic devices used by writers to convey a message.  The course also enhances their ability to translate unseen Latin, and to respond to and analyse texts with perception and sensitivity to the cultural context.

What our girls say
“I am glad I am doing Latin because it is fun to learn a language that was used 2000 years ago, and amazing to think that the grammar is still relevant today.” Kirsty, S3