Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine (A level)

Leiths is offered to Sixth Form students as an additional subject timetabled over four terms.  The syllabus and certification are provided by the respected Leiths School of Food and Wine.  The course is designed to teach the basic skills necessary to become a confident and efficient cook.  Students completing it will not only have gained a valuable skill for life, but could also have opened up possible areas of employment.  They will gain the confidence to cook by making judgments on the ingredients they purchase, the dishes and wines they put together for menu choices and the methods they use to cook and serve the food to achieve the best results.

What the girls say

“Confidence building, fantastic, highly recommended”

“The Leiths course was a fantastic experience and has given me such confidence in the kitchen”

“It took my skills to another level”

“I loved every minute – I’ll really miss it”