Why choose BSG?

All Girls

Q: What are the advantages of an all-girls education?

A: There are many and we hope you have noticed just some of the quotes from the National Coalition of Girls Schools  (NCGS) detailed on this website.  Please do visit any of the following websites to obtain expert opinions and useful advice on all aspects of education and raising happy, fulfilled girls.

Outstanding Inspection

Q: Can I see a copy of the School's latest ISI Inspection report?

A: Yes.  We were inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in March 2014 and we are delighted to report that Bruton School for Girls has achieved the highest rating of ‘Excellent’ in all areas of the school, with the EYFS provision having their highest rating of ‘Outstanding’.  Don’t take our word for it, read the report and share it with your friends.

The Good Schools Guide Review

Q: How can I get to see what The Good Schools Guide says about you?

A: The latest review of the school was published in March 2015, so to see exactly what they wrote about us, click here to view the review in full.

Weekend Fun

Q: What activities are there for boarders at weekends?

A: House staff arrange a number of activities each weekend starting on Friday night.  These include trips to the cinema, Bath and Bristol, shopping, visits to local historical towns and sites, in-school workshops and swimming.  Our weekend events are open to day girls as well as boarders - the more the merrier!


Q: Do you have events with other schools?

A: Yes, our girls regularly attend social events with other local schools such as King's Bruton and Sherborne School.  We also invite other schools to attend activities such as Science Week, Arts Week and sporting tournaments.

Creative excellence

Q: My daughter is interested in Art. Can I view student artwork?

A: We have a very strong Art Department and student artwork is displayed prominently throughout the school.  Why not visit us for our next Open Morning to take a look, or click through to our Art curriculum pages for further details. 

Excellent career opportunities

Q: Where do your students go after Bruton?

A: Bruton girls achieve tremendous results at A level and the vast majority of our students go on to higher education at the university or college of their choice.  We have a number of Oxbridge entrants as well as many girls attending the other top UK universities.  The strength of our Art and Drama departments is reflected in the number of students studying at the country’s finest art schools and performing arts colleges.  See our Leavers’ Destinations page to find out more.

The girls themselves ...

Q: What do the girls think about studying and boarding at BSG?

A: If you want to hear from the girls themselves about what it's like to be a BSG girl, click through to 'Our Girls' page and see what they say.