What's it like to join BSG?


Hello, my name is Heidi and I joined BSG in September 2016. I was at a very small primary school called North Cadbury. It was a lovely school but I was ready to move on by the end of year 6.

I came to look around BSG with my Mum on an informal visit just before February half term. The teachers were very friendly and when I saw some girls in Senior 5 that I already knew, they came running up to say hello!  The school had such a family feel, and even the older girls were so smiley and welcoming.

I was impressed by the Art and Drama department, and the library. They both had amazing facilities and equipment!

The next time I came to the senior school was for a taster day after Easter. They made sure I came on a day when I would have lessons that I especially enjoy. I had all morning in lessons and then after an AMAZING lunch I did my assessment tests. Everyone had told me not to worry about them, and they were very clear and straight forward to follow. 

There was an induction day in June which I came to with all the girls who would be starting in Senior 1 with me - It was a good chance to meet them. We were given lots of  information,  like which hall we would be in, and what we should expect in September. We were also able to get all my school uniform at the end of the day. I really liked the games kit…. And the cream tea!!

I was very excited, and a little bit nervous, about starting on September the 5th. This first week has been amazing. I already feel like I have made good friends and everyone has helped us to find our way around. The lessons have been fun and interesting and the prep manageable.

I think I am going to be living life to the full here at BSG – with lots of learning, laughter, and fun. I am looking forward to it all! 


Heidi (Currently in Senior 2)