What do we offer?

An incredibly beautiful girls' school in Somerset for girls aged 3 to 18, catering for Pre-school, Reception, Prep, Senior School and Sixth Form, whilst boys are able to stay in the Prep School until they are 7.

The School Site

Q: Can I familiarise myself with the school site?

A: We have an interactive school map that will help you familiarise yourself and find your way round before you even arrive.


Q: Can I board for just one night?

A: Yes, day girls may request to board for a single night. For some students it is just a one-off request but some girls do this on a regular basis, for example every Tuesday night because of a commitment like an after-school drama rehearsal.  We always keep a number of beds in the boarding houses free for this purpose and the full and weekly boarders enjoy having extra visiting boarders! Every day girl is also entitled to three free boarding nights each year so everyone can experience boarding.

Q: Can boarders go home at weekends?

A: Yes, boarders are able to return home at weekends or stay with friends providing permission has been granted by parents and the Housemistress. Weekly boarders return home every weekend and usually depart school on a Friday night and return on Sunday night or Monday morning. Girls involved in school sporting fixtures on Saturdays are required to attend these.

Q: If I board how will I be able to keep in touch with home?

A: You can keep in touch with your family by telephone, email or post, Skype, FaceTime and other media. You may use your own mobile phones and devices outside the school day. Boarders may use the school’s post collection to include letters or parcels home and stamps are available to purchase from our stationery shop. In the junior boarding house there is a telephone for student use and in the senior boarding house girls are able to use mobile phones outside the school day.

Q: If I board how many people will I share a room with?

A: Preparatory School girls in Cumberlege Cottage share with 2-3 others when first joining. Girls in the Senior School board in the main Cumberlege House where they share in rooms of two or can have individual rooms. In the Sixth Form house, Highcroft, all girls have their own room plus access to a number of shared study rooms.

Q: Does the school provide bedding or should I bring my own?

A: We find that most girls like to bring their own duvet, bed linen and pillow to help them personalise their room. The school will provide sheets, and additional blankets if required. The girls’ laundry is done for them and in Cumberlege and Highcroft machines are available and the girls often opt to do their own washing.

Small class sizes with individual attention

Q: How many students are there at Bruton?

A: The school currently has a community of approximately 250 pupils and around 60 of these are boarders. The Prep School has around 50 pupils.

Q: What is an average class size?

A: This will depend on the year group but in the Senior School class sizes are no more than 20 with smaller classes in the Prep School.

Yummy food

Q: What is the food like?

A: The girls tell us that the food is delicious! Our catering team works hard to provide a wide variety of foods and cater for vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements or allergies. Students enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room as well as morning and afternoon snacks. The Prep School attend lunch first but are joined shortly afterwards by day girls and boarders from the Senior School - all eating in the dining room. Try it out when you visit for your Taster Day!

Regular Communication with parents

Q: How will we know what events and activities are happening at Bruton throughout the term?

A: Our weekly e-newsletters will keep you up to date with everything that is going on, keeping you abreast of all the news and the girls’ achievements, whilst also providing you with calendar dates for upcoming events. View our calendar to find out more. There are many events that take place every term and we look forward to welcoming you to Bruton School for Girls soon.