Wellbeing and Welfare

Caring for your daughter's welfare while she's at school is of the utmost importance and we place great emphasis on keeping parents involved and informed.

The school’s Welfare team consists of the Headmistress, Deputy Head (Safeguarding, Child Protection Lead), Heads of Year and Head of Welfare.  

They meet each week to talk through previous concerns, document progress and resolution, and to raise any new concerns.  Strategies for and approaches to resolution are discussed and implemented. We know that this approach reassures parents - especially those who are not living locally or who are overseas - and that any concerns are dealt with speedily yet sensitively to ensure that their daughter's time at school is enjoyable, happy and rewarding.

The Staff Liaison and Welfare Governor has termly meetings with the Headmistress or Senior Head of Hall to check procedures and to report back to the Governing Body of the school.

Further Info
What our parents say
“All the girls have a sense of worth. There isn’t the peer pressure to conform.” BSG new parents’ survey