The Jargon Explained

Fixed Exeat

A weekend when all boarders go home or to their guardians. There are no sporting fixtures or other activities on these weekends.

Flexi Boarding

If you are a day girl you can stay over in the boarding house for an occasional night and each house has a number of beds available for this. You may stay over because you have a drama production or your parents are away on business for a night or simply because you would like to stay to celebrate a friend’s birthday. For some girls it is a one-off stay and for others it is an arranged night each week. All day girls wishing to stay must book in with the Admissions department.

Weekly Boarding

An arrangement whereby students may board during the week and go home every weekend. Since there is no Saturday school at Bruton, weekly boarders may go home on Friday night if not involved in sport fixtures and return on Sunday night or even Monday morning.

Full Boarding

Full boarders are those girls who stay in house for weekends, except fixed exeats* when boarders go home or to their guardians. Any boarder may request permission through their parents or guardian to spend any weekend away from the house with either parents, guardians or friends and permission is granted by the housemistress.

*Our main boarding house stays open during fixed exeat for girls in Senior 3 and above. 


Prep is a homework task for completion in the evening. Also refers to the supervised sessions for day girls after school, in which they can complete their prep.


The Pre-Prep is the Reception class and Years 1 and 2 at Sunny Hill Preparatory School.


The youngest pupils aged 3 and 4 at Sunny Hill Preparatory School. Very cute and often seen exploring the grounds on a ‘Welly Walk’!

The Centenary Room

Located in the main school building, the Centenary Room is a café style room primarily used for meetings. It is also used in connection with special events such as Concerts and Drama Productions, Open Days and the Christmas Craft Fayre.

Old House

The original school building which is now the location for the Dining Hall, Careers Room, an IT Suite and some Sixth Form classrooms.


A form is a year group. In the Senior School there are five forms, Senior 1-5 (Years 7-11 elsewhere), and the Sixth Form has two - a Lower and Upper Sixth.

Crush Hall

Located in the main school building behind Reception, the Crush Hall is where you will find the Stationery Shop and where notices are displayed.


Bruton School for Girls has four Halls (or Houses) in the Senior School and Sixth Form: Hadspen, Longleat, Montacute and Stourhead. Every girl is assigned to a Hall and allegiance to the Halls extends into the Sixth Form. A wide range of Inter-Hall activities including charity events, music, drama, sport and public speaking, promotes a spirit of positive competition. At Speech Day the Hall with the most number of points is awarded the Hall Championship. The Preparatory School has Houses: Earth, Wind and Fire and they too participate in Inter-House activities throughout the year.

Hallmarks and Honourables

Hallmarks are awarded in the Senior School to an individual student for outstanding service. Honourables are awarded for outstanding subject work produced. Hallmarks and honourables contribute to the annual Hall points.

Tutor Group

Every girl is a member of a tutor group which meets with its Tutor every day for registration and to receive notices.

Head of Year

There is an appointed Head of Year for Senior 1, 2 and 3 and another for Senior 4 and 5 who are the parents' first port of call with any concerns.  

Head of Hall

A member of staff who manages one of the four Halls. Heads of Hall oversee all tutor groups and lead the Hall during various Inter-Hall competiton.


Cumberlege Cottage is the junior boarding house for girls from age 8 - 11 years old.  Senior boarders 11+ are accommodated in Cumberlege House.


The Sixth Form Centre and boarding house for girls in the Upper and Lower Sixth Form.


The lower sports field overlooking Pitcombe and Glastonbury Tor. Used for PE, athletics, rounders, hockey, tag rugby, football and lacrosse. Also the site of our Speech Day marquee.


Named after the Hobhouse family and the location for our Drama Studio and Home Technology and Leiths kitchens.

Mufti Day

Non-School uniform day usually held to raise money for Charity.


The office managing the school’s financial and business matters.