The Environment

Our aim is to provide a secure and enriching environment for boys and girls with a wide variety of activities within a broad and balanced curriculum, giving pupils the opportunity to explore and make the most of their physical, cognitive, creative and social skills.

In a happy and sociable atmosphere girls and boys at Sunny Hill have the chance to begin school life in an exciting environment.  From the moment the children arrive at school, they begin to put down the roots of a strong foundation.  They embark on an exciting educational journey with us and are supported by a team of dedicated staff who work closely together.  Our community embraces its pupils and parents, with staff working together with families to ensure that the individual needs of each and every child are met.  The partnership between home and school is encouraged and is a strong feature of our school.

Our beautiful rural setting, together with small class sizes and a low pupil-teacher ratio, offer the best start for young children with inquisitive minds.  Through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities programme we are able to excite, inspire and challenge your children to exceed expectations.  Our stimulating and nurturing environment offers wonderful opportunities for children to discover the world around them and become independent and confident learners with a life-long enthusiasm for learning.  

The pupils experience a well-disciplined environment; there are high expectations in terms of their behaviour and conduct.  Moral values are strong and there is a good sense of what is right and wrong.  As a result, our pupils are confident and well-grounded children with sparkle and a real zest for life.

What our parents say
“We are rural people – we like the fact that the girls can see countryside all around them.” BSG new parents' survey