The Admissions Procedure

About Our School

We want you to have as much information as you need about our school to ensure you make the right choice of schooling for your daughter. We know just how important choosing the right school is, and we are here to help. Once you have read through our information, please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Please request further information if it is not available online.

Information available to download:

Admissions Procedure | PDF
Sunny Hill Prep Information Booklet | PDF
Senior School & Sixth Form Information Booklet | PDF
GCSE Course Booklet | PDF
A level Course Booklet | PDF
The Gleam School Magazine | LINK

See the School for yourself - Meet the Headmistress / Head of Prep

We welcome the opportunity to show you our school. Appointments for individual visits can be made at any time of the year. We recommend you and your family visit during term time and before the end of the Autumn Term if you are looking at entry for the following September. During your visit you will be taken on a tour of the school, usually by one of our students, and there will be a meeting scheduled with the Headmistress and/or Head of Prep.  We recommend you allow 1½-2 hours for your visit. We also hold Open Mornings once a term which give a general introduction to the school and dates are shown on the Open Days/Admission events page.

Join us

In order to reserve a place for your child, we ask that you complete and return the on-line registration form and pay the non-refundable registration fee of £50. You may register your child for entry at any time.

Entrance Assessments for entry to the Senior School (11+, 12+ and 13+) are usually held in the Spring Term preceding your daughter’s entry. We invite all registered girls to sit the assessments and participate in a full day at the school. Girls looking to apply for a Scholarship (available at 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form) are asked to submit an application and visit school to meet with members of staff before the deadlines advertised, usually during the Autumn term.

In the Preparatory School, the children will meet with the Head of the Prep during their taster day and participate in some literacy and numeracy assessments.

Securing a place in the school

Places are offered after completion of entrance assessments. An acceptance fee is required to secure your daughter’s place.

Intake into the Preparatory School can occur at any time and into any class depending on available places.

Entry into the Senior School is typically at 11+ (Senior 1/Year 7) and 13+ (Senior 3/Year 9), and entry into the Sixth Form is at 16+ (Lower Sixth/Year 12). Space permitting, we also accept applications from girls at other entry points, for example some girls join at 12+ (Senior 2/Year 8) and at the start of the GCSE courses (Senior 4/Year 10). In addition, we will also consider mid-year entry for girls in the Senior School in S1, S2, S3/Years 7, 8 and 9 if there are places available.

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