Spiritual Development

Bruton School for Girls does not have allegiance to any particular faith and welcomes pupils from all faiths or none.  The school is, however, broadly Christian in its ethos.  All pupils attend assemblies three times a week and these often have a spiritual or ethical theme.  We have links to the local churches at Bruton and Pitcombe and our Vicar Father Justin Bailey occasionally leads the assembly.  

At Christmas and Easter the whole school attends a special service in St Mary’s, Bruton to mark these religious festivals.  Boarders in Senior 1-5 attend Sunday services at local churches; for Sixth Form students this is optional.  Attendance at Roman Catholic services is organised for those boarders who wish to take part.  Girls may work towards Confirmation in the Church of England and those interested can join Crossfire, the school’s Christian group, which is very popular.