Skills Development

At Bruton School for Girls we view all our girls as independent learners who will have their own way of learning.  As such we aim to support their individual needs both in the Skills Development Unit and in their mainstream classes.  Pupils with Specific Learning Differences from Prep 1 right up to Upper Sixth can receive support from our team of experienced and well qualified Skills Development teachers. We have two part-time specialist teaching staff and an Educational Psychologist who visits by appointment.

We have a well-resourced department and offer a range of support to our pupils in the form of individual support lessons and we operate an open door policy where girls can choose to come quietly into the department knowing that there will be a member of staff to ask for help if needed. For our older pupils we also offer study skills to help with those ever-important examinations, where we cover areas such as learning styles, revision strategies and examination techniques. We offer a welcoming and relaxing place to enable the girls to learn in a calm environment. Lessons are delivered as one or two half-hour sessions per week, and offer a cumulative structured and multi-sensory programme of learning. We use a wide variety of resources such as assistive technologies, reading and spelling schemes and games.

Close monitoring of girls by academic and pastoral staff helps identify any learning difficulties that may require additional support. Extra English and maths lessons are timetabled so pupils are not withdrawn from other areas of the curriculum. Girls who request individual support are only withdrawn from classes in negotiation with their subject teachers; lessons are often timetabled before school, at lunchtime, after school and during free periods.

If pupils already have a diagnosed learning difference we will discuss this with parents during the admission process and ensure that the appropriate support is in place for their first day in school. Sometimes, however, during their time here, girls are identified as possibly having a learning difference and this is investigated further through our screening processes. There is an initial screening assessment by a Specialist Specific Learning Differences teacher and a full diagnostic assessment by an Education Psychologist. We aim to ensure that pupils with learning differences are identified as early as possible to ensure that the most appropriate support is promptly put in place. This allows our pupils to develop appropriate learning strategies that will allow them to achieve in line with their potential.

Exam Access Arrangements

We offer assessment for Access Arrangements in connection with external examinations. For those pupils who meet the examination boards’ criteria we can provide a range of support including additional time, readers, scribes and the use of laptop computers.

If you would like any further information regarding the support we can offer please contact us via or via our main Reception telephone number.

To read our full Skills Development Policy please click through to our Policies Page.

What our parents say
“They deliver what they say – they get to know your child and how they need to be supported.” BSG new parents' survey