School Day

The school day starts at 8:35am, lessons finish at 3:55pm Monday to Friday and there are no lessons on Saturdays. 

Additional supervised ‘wrap-around care’ is available before and after school for all day pupils in the form of Breakfast and Supper Clubs.  Each school day the dining hall is open from 8am, prior to which your daughter can be dropped at her year group's boarding house. 

Supper is served from 5:45pm to 6:15pm.  If girls are being collected after this time, they can stay with their friends and collected from the boarding houses.  The school is very flexible but ask that requests for either breakfast or supper be made with 48 hours notice.  A nominal charge for catering is made and is added to your school account.

Girls are expected to complete prep each evening.  The time allocation for homework increases from 1½ hours per day in Senior 1, to 2½-3 hours in Senior 5.  After-school activities and clubs are available for all girls wishing to stay from 4:15pm until 5:45pm.  This can include supervised prep for day and boarding students.

Girls involved in any of the school teams participate in matches, which often take place on Saturdays.  Occasionally there may be drama or music rehearsals at the weekend for those involved in performances.

Boarders are offered a wide range of activities throughout the weekend, which day girls are welcome to join.

All girls are expected to look smart and well-presented.  Full school uniform is worn by girls in Senior 1-5.  In the Sixth Form, your daughter will not wear uniform and is responsible for choosing her own clothing which must comply with the school’s Sixth Form ‘business wear’ dress code.