Religious Studies (KS3 and GCSE) / Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics (A level)

Religious Studies aims to equip girls for life in the 21st century.  Girls will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of five world faiths.  They will explore right and wrong, morality and ethics, within religion and human experience, as well as develop their own creativity and spirituality, with an appreciation of others.  From this they will develop their own perspectives, conclusions and responses to the issues raised by religion and human experience.

We aim to develop the following attitudes:

  • A sense of self-worth
  • Respect for others whilst developing autonomy of thought
  • Readiness to look beyond surface impressions
  • Willingness to debate
  • Recognise personal bias and prejudice
  • Active listening to others
  • Empathy
  • Team work
  • Reflection
  • Curiosity

We offer a popular and successful GCSE in Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics (AQA A).  This develops the students’ skills of interpretation and evaluation, which enables them to construct balanced arguments.  Girls will have the opportunity to study a wide range of Philosophical and Ethical issues, such as euthanasia and life after death from both a Christian and Muslim point of view.

In the Sixth Form, girls are offered an Edexcel A level in Religious Studies.  This requires an in-depth study of three areas: the Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and New Testament Studies.  This is a broad and interesting course covering such things as the traditional arguments for and against theism and the Problem of Evil.  We look at Ethical theories such as Utilitarianism and practical ethics such as War and Pacifism, Justice, Law and Punishment.

What the girls say
“RS has made me question human existence philosophically and has opened my eyes to the wider world, leading to interesting debates over ideas I previously took for granted.” Rosie, U6
“In Philosophy and Ethics we spend time debating interesting and relevant topics, this helps when it comes to writing essays as we have gained so many ideas and different perspectives which we can incorporate into our work. While the jump from GCSE to AS is quite daunting, we have really enjoyed delving deeper in Philosophical and Ethical issues and have begun to develop our own insights and opinions. We are now able to critically evaluate arguments which we know will be helpful at University.”