History (KS3, GCSE and A level)

The KS3 History course covers a chronological study from Medieval History through to the 21st century.  Girls will study political, religious and social changes in the history of the UK, but also throughout the world.

History at GCSE follows the OCR History B course. We study key themes and issue from 1918-2001 that have helped to shape the modern world including the outbreak of war in 1939, the division of Europe after 1945, the reunification of Germany and the background to the terror attacks of 9/11. We also study the Tudors and a broad synoptic study of English History and the development of parliamentary democracy.

History at A level follows the Edexcel course. In the L6th we study the political, economic and social transformation of Britain from 1780-1870. Alongside this we look at the development of European nationalism post 1815 and focus on the process leading to German Unification. In the U6th we look at the broad themes in German History from 1870 to 1890 and complete a coursework assignment exploring the historical debate between historians regarding a significant event or person. Recent topics have included President Kennedy and the French Revolution.

The courses aim to develop the girls’ knowledge in analysis, evaluation, investigation, making judgements, engaging in debate and developing their love of History and their skills in the subject. This is mostly through essay-writing, sourcework, presentations and debates. The success rate for students is high and as a traditional subject History is highly respected in university and job applications.

History is popular in the school, and activities outside the classroom have recently included a trip to Germany. We also take trips to local museums, the Chalke Valley History Festival, lectures and conferences.

What the girls say

“History is the most fascinating subject because you get to learn interesting stories from the past and to write better essays than your friends!”

“History looks at political, moral and social issues which are fascinating to study and discuss. It develops priceless skills of analysis and critical thinking. In looking into the past, we are better able to understand the present.”

What our girls say
“History helps you to develop your own opinions, learn about cultures, people, past mistakes and how this relates to Current Affairs.” Liv Senior 5