Personal Development

Often referred to as Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), our curriculum is much wider and more enriching than simply PSHE.  Our main aims and objectives are to:

  • Teach your child the facts, such as those relating to health issues, which are elemental to their growth and development as individuals and as members of a particular community.
  • Help children understand the concepts, such as tolerance, respect and liberty, which are fundamental to a liberal and democratic society.
  • Enable children to acquire the skills, such as those relating to personal safety, discussion and decision-making, which are vital to their well-being and their interaction with others.
  • Encourage children to develop informed opinions and attitudes for themselves about a range of personal, social and moral issues.
  • Nurture in children a particular set of values. These are the values which are key to the good-ordering of the school community of which they are a part and those explicit values which are enshrined in the school’s discipline policy.