Oxford Dons select Lara for 'High Commendation'

Oxford Dons select Lara for 'High Commendation'

Congratulations to one of our Sixth Form students who has received a 'high commendation' after making the shortlist for the Philosophy category of the John Locke Institute Essay Prize.

Lara Taylor, from Sherborne, entered the competition which has four categories: History, Politics, Economics and Philosophy, and is is aimed at 15 to 18 year olds.

Lara, an accomplished classical guitarist who has performed in the Sherborne Abbey Festival, and is also a member of the National Youth Guitar Ensemble, wrote her essay on 'Can a desire ever be wrong? How would you attempt to prove this?'

Essays were judged by academics from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge who were looking for independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive style.

Last week she attended the Gala Dinner and Prize Giving Ceremony at Mansfield College, Oxford University where she was presented with her certificate of High Commendation.  

Lara said: "I was delighted to receive a High Commendation.  I enjoyed the experience immensely; it is a fun way of exploring topics which are not part of the curriculum and I would highly recommend the experience."

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