Our Ethos

We create, for every girl, an environment with the space to inspire, challenge, encourage and support her to develop her full potential to become the amazing person she can be in this fast changing world, with friends for life. Each individual is encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity, self-esteem, confidence without arrogance, respect and care for others, independence, excellence in all she does and a love of life.

Our Aims

To inspire the girls…
  • To experience and enjoy success and develop resilience in as broad a range of spheres as possible
  • To develop self-confidence, self-awareness and self-respect, appreciating the cultural and spiritual aspects of life
  • To be part of an active community based on mutual respect with responsibilities to each other and to society at large
  • To develop the capacity to make informed, rational and responsible decisions
  • At all times to feel motivated by their studies and to be aware of their own level of performance and progress and to realise their full potential
To challenge…
  • Everyone to exceed all expectations
To encourage…
  • All to be part of a ‘thinking school’
  • Tolerance and sensitivity and an appreciation of the value of courtesy
  • A healthy lifestyle
To support…
  • Pupils of all ages by providing a broad and relevant curriculum suited to their individual needs
  • Pupils by providing opportunities to experience a variety of activities, ideas and attitudes and to consider a wide range of issues
What our parents say

“All the girls have a sense of self-worth.  There isn’t the peer pressure to conform.” BSG new parents’ survey

“We didn’t want a hot-housed child.  BSG is more about the values we were looking for, more about the whole child.” BSG new parents’ survey

“I know of a child who went to BSG with low self-esteem and the school had boosted their confidence.” BSG new parents’ survey