Music plays an important part in the life of the school.  All pupils from the Nursery onwards are given opportunities to make and respond to music through exciting and engaging first-hand experiences.   Listening is one of the most important skills for children to learn; music provides experiences which develop the ability to listen critically and carefully.  Concentration, understanding and remembering are all fostered in musical activity.

Percussion, experimental music and composition take place within all age-groups.  The children explore and learn to discriminate between the sounds produced and to write these down using graphic score or notation.  Instrumental work is well-developed within the school and individual tuition is available from age 7.

There are an increasing number of extra-curricular activities to enjoy including recorder group, wind band, folk group, choir and orchestra.  Your daughter will perform regularly in assemblies, concerts and school productions, which are often the highlight of the year for many pupils.

Our music curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to use and respond to music both individually and in collaborative situations.  They also perform, compose and appraise music from a wide variety of different times and cultures.  Children are given opportunities to respond to the character and mood of music in an expressive way, through movement and drama.