The school follows national guidelines for the teaching of Mathematics and embraces the National Framework for Numeracy.  The desire to secure high standards through effective teaching and learning pervades the whole school.  The structure of the Mathematics teaching maintains a good pace.  Daily oral and mental work helps to develop and secure your daughter’s calculation strategies and rapid recall skills.  Careful attention is paid to continuity of teaching and progression of children’s learning.

The ‘Monthly Mathematics Challenge’ is an opportunity for children to tackle an open-ended mathematical problem at home with their family.  In Prep 5 & 6 there are opportunities for girls to participate in regional inter-school Mathematics competitions.

Our schemes in Mathematics set out to make the subject fun with regular ‘hands on’ practical sessions.  We want the pupils to see that Mathematics is all around them and that it will help them solve everyday problems.  We help your daughter to understand the structures and patterns of Mathematics and identify relationships. Through our teaching in Mathematics we help her to have the confidence to think clearly and logically.