Life as a Boarder

Long, fascinating conversations while drinking a cup of tea or delicious hot chocolate, cooking together, playing games and watching films, having great fun with friends – all these things and many more happen every week in Highcroft. Being a boarder at Bruton School for Girls is definitely one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. In Highcroft, with caring housemistresses, a friendly atmosphere and cosy places where we can do our work and relax afterwards, everyone quickly starts feeling at home.

During the day, it is a place where both day and boarding girls can study when they do not have lessons or simply have a cup of tea and socialise with others. After lessons, we can relax in our comfortable, newly refurbished rooms, talk with other boarders in the 'cosy', where we also enjoy watching films together (when The Great British Bake Off is on TV, the cosy is always full!) or cook and bake cakes together in the kitchen. Sometimes our discussions are so interesting that we keep talking for hours! As there are many internationals students, from places like Hong Kong, Germany, Kenya or Poland, it is a perfect occasion to discover other cultures and their traditions, learn languages (I can say I love you in Cantonese!), share our observations and gain new perspective on many topics – truly developing experiences.

As Sixth Formers, we have certain privileges: we can decide if we want to go to the school dining room or stay and practice our cooking skills and prepare our own meal. We can go out shopping, jogging or just go for a walk, as long as we are in pairs.

During weekends we can spend the evenings going out into Bruton to meet friends outside the school. Weekends are also special time for all boarders as it is not only the time when we can prepare for the next school week, do the laundry and simply sleep longer, but it is also the time when for almost every day there are exciting activities planned which we can join. They include shopping and cinema trips, "boarders challenge" – where we had to prove our team-working skills as well as get to know better younger boarders at Bruton School to succeed in creative tasks the staff prepared for us, sushi making, Zumba workouts and paintballing trip.

Besides these exciting activities, we can also use school facilities like the gym and music block – it is a perfect time to train our muscles and practice playing music. Almost every Saturday some of girls wake up earlier to play a hockey match, while on Sunday girls go to church with younger boarders. All the time Ms Weaver and Miss Cowper – our housemistresses make sure that we are enjoying our time in Highcroft, ready to help us even with the most trivial problems and do everything they can to make our experience as boarders in Bruton School for Girls even better.

One thing is sure: we will definitely have amazing memories from our time here for the rest of our lives.

Antonina, an international student in the Upper Sixth