Health and Medical Care

The Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is conveniently situated within the school grounds and is staffed by our Medical Administrator.

Doctors from Bruton Surgery hold a clinic once a week in the Medical Centre. The school counsellor holds a clinic by appointment twice a week. 

If boarding pupils are taken ill during the night, they are treated initially by the house staff who are fully trained in First Aid. Where necessary, further professional medical care is sought through the NHS health advice line, the out of hours GP service and emergency care services as required. 

First Aid

A large number of staff are trained in basic First Aid skills. Injuries are dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring prompt referral to medical departments where necessary. All injuries requiring treatment are logged, adhering to Health and Safety regulations.

Healthy Eating

All pupils are encouraged to maintain their fitness and personal well-being through healthy eating and participation in physical activity. The catering team prepares locally-sourced meat and vegetables which are home-cooked and offered in tasty and nutritious menus. There is always a variety of hot and cold options. Healthy eating is actively promoted and the school can accommodate vegetarians, celiac, dairy-free and other allergies or dietary requirements. Girls have the opportunity to produce and harvest their own fresh produce including herbs, fruit and vegetables as part of the eco-programme.

What our parents say
“The food is great.” BSG new parents’ survey