Hall and Tutor Groups

Pastoral care in the Senior School is based on the Hall system whereby each girl is a member of one of the four Halls (houses): namely Hadspen, Longleat, Montacute or Stourhead.

Each Hall includes both day girls and boarders and covers the full age range.  The Hall system has been set up to give a ‘family feel’ to the school with older students helping younger ones.  It also helps to promote empathy and stop any bullying between one year group and another, and to prevent isolation of year groups.

Each Hall consists of one tutor group for girls in Senior 4 and 5 and another for Senior 1, 2 and 3. There is an appointed Head of Year for Senior 1, 2 and 3 and another for Senior 4 and 5 who are the parents' first port of call with any concerns.  

Each tutor group is in the care of two members of the teaching staff, a tutor and co-tutor, both of whom attend regular meetings with their Heads of Year.  They will share registration and tutor-time responsibilities.  The tutors keep a record of each pupil’s achievements, problems, clubs attended etc.  There is regular communication between tutors, co-tutors and the Heads of Year, especially regarding problems that may arise.