Girls get the Vote!

Girls get the Vote!

Whilst some Westminster politicians are still deliberating the value of TV debates, students at Bruton School for Girls have spent the last four weeks engaged in full-on debate, campaigning and serious political research in the run-up to their very own ‘mock’ Election – complete with specially created polling booths and ballot papers.
With teams from across all school years representing the five main parties, the girls had every opportunity to learn more about politics and what the main parties stand for.  
Mrs Rachel Robbins, Deputy Head at BSG, explained:  “By the time the next election is called, many of the girls will be eligible to vote so it was all designed to give the girls more insight into current affairs, politics and the history associated with enfranchisement.  Don’t forget that when ‘Sunny Hill’ school first opened in 1900, women weren’t even allowed to vote …. how times have changed!
“The girls were incredibly creative and devised slogans, campaign videos and, just like the real politicians, hoped that live debates would be a chance to sway those floating voters.   It will be interesting to see if our result mirrors the General Election on 7th May, although I think it more accurately reflects our Eco ambassador status, as it was a victory for the Greens!"  concluded Mrs Robbins.

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