French Speaking Competition

French Speaking Competition

The Modern Languages Department was delighted to welcome 15 Year 10 pupils from Sexey’s School and Ansford Academy last Friday for a competitive but fun-filled afternoon of French speaking. Although our Senior 4 linguists were nervous at the thought of competing in multi-school teams, they soon relaxed and were able to speak with confidence and provide many impressive answers. The competition was in the form of a quiz show with different types of tasks to carry out to win each round. This required both knowledge and creative flair, which provided much entertainment to the audience when the competitors used their wild imaginations to solve linguistic conundrums. In addition to this, competitors were able to gather bonus points in the form of play money to spend at a French sweetie sale at the end. Anna T-P, Rosie E and Philippa J were amongst the BSG finalists, but the final round was won by Philippa’s team, which included Ollie and Titus from Sexey’s. All winners went away clutching some exciting French goodies and having made some excellent contacts, whom they look forward to meeting again at the Senior 4 Dinner Dance in June.

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