Bruton School for Girls prides itself on offering high quality education at an affordable price, giving parents real value for money. We have an inclusive fees policy which covers the cost of tuition, meals, core educational materials such as text books and a range of curricular and some extra-curricular activities.

Fees at a Glance

Tuition and Boarding Fees are paid termly in advance and there are three terms per academic year. 

For the academic year 2019/20, termly fees are £6,232 for a day pupil in the senior school and £10,616 per term for full boarding. This equates to to annual fees of £18,696 for a day pupil and £31,848 for a full boarder.     

In the Prep School, fees for a day pupil start at £2,835 per term in the Foundation stage increasing to £4,372 per term in Year 6, equating to an annual fee range between £8,505 to £13,116 depending on what year the pupil is in.

Extras such as music lessons, some trips or extra-curricular activities will be charged termly in arrears.   

To see the full range of fees please download the Fee Schedule on the right hand side.  You can also find out further details about the options around Scholarships, Bursaries and Help with Fees on the relevant sections on our website and by clicking on the hyper-links.  Fees are reviewed by the Board of Governors annually.

Registration Fee

By completing our registration process and paying a non-refundable fee of £50, a place will be reserved for your daughter in a specific year group.  However, this does not guarantee a firm offer of a place which comes after the interview and selection process.

Acceptance Deposit

An acceptance deposit of £250 (£500 for overseas students) is payable upon acceptance of a place once it has been offered. The payment is credited to the final fee statement when the students leave the school providing they have been at the school for more than six terms.

Forces Family Discount

Any current serving member of the Armed Forces whose daughter is a weekly or full boarder will qualify for a 10% discount.

Sibling Discounts

For those families with more than one child in the school at the same time, the following discounts on both tuition and boarding fees apply:

  • For the second child in school: 5%
  • For the third child and subsequent children in school: 10%
  • The sibling discount is not valid with any other financial assistance or discount. For those in receipt of Scholarships the discount will be applied to the parental contribution.
What our parents say

“It’s not massively expensive considering the results it gets.” BSG new parents’ survey


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