Extra-curricular Activities

Excellent academic results are only one aspect of the school.  Girls have plenty of opportunities to explore new interests, develop talents and enhance creativity through our community art and eco links.  Many extra-curricular activities and clubs are offered after school and at weekends and provide an opportunity to extend learning outside the classroom.  

Specialist facilities include the Music School and recording studio, the Art studio and the professionally equipped Hobhouse Studio Theatre.  There is also an Astro Turf pitch, dance studio, gymnasium and fitness suite, tennis courts and a heated outdoor swimming pool.  

Extra-curricular outings, clubs and activities include horse-riding, ballet, dance and gymnastics among many others.  In addition to this, a range of different musical instruments is available and for sporty types activities include, judo, archery, netball, athletics, tennis and hockey.  Talented sportswomen are given every opportunity to excel.  

Involvement in charitable projects, whether for the local, wider or international community, fosters awareness and understanding of the world.  The girls’ activities throughout the year raise thousands of pounds to benefit worthy causes.  We have an established link with an Indian orphanage, Joybells, and girls have the opportunity to visit each summer.  In addition, girls are encouraged to have a healthy social life with the opportunity to attend dances and social events organised at the school and within the community.

What the experts say
“Girls’ schools are a place where girls take centre stage.” NCGS
“93% of girls’ school graduates are very or extremely satisfied with their school’s ability to provide individualised attention, and 80% strongly feel encouragement to develop their own interests.” Goodman Research Group. The Girls’ School Experience: A survey of young alumnae of single-sex schools.