English and Drama

Literacy at Sunny Hill is fundamental to every area of the school curriculum.  We follow the National Literacy Strategy guidelines but within our own structure so that we are able to take best practice and develop and extend skills to your daughter’s individual requirements.  This means the fullest possible development of your daughter’s capabilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Our objective is for all children to develop an enthusiasm for the written word and an ability to respond to and comprehend many different types of writing matched by a competence in the correct use of spelling, punctuation and syntax.  We aim to give them all a sure command of spoken English and the confidence to speak fluently in a variety of situations.

One of the key ways children can gain an understanding of themselves and confidence as decision-makers and problem-solvers is through Drama lessons.  Your daughter will learn to work collaboratively, explore a range of human feelings and work through moral dilemmas.  We do this by creating improvised situations, role-play, dance, drama, puppetry, entering competitive arts festivals, theatre visits, debating and listening to others.

There is an opportunity in Drama for all our pupils to find an area of success.  Our main aim is to achieve vitality, fluency, confidence and enjoyment within a framework of trust and learning.  Every pupil has the chance to perform and this includes using our Studio Theatre, which provides a professional-standard performance space in which your daughter can further develop her talents.  Every year this space is used by pupils from our Nursery up to Prep 6 to perform to their families and friends.