English Language (GCSE) and English Literature (GCSE and A level)

English is offered to all pupils, who have English as their mother tongue, as two separate awards - GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. Some students, for whom English is an additional language, follow the IGCSE English route.

At A Level a love of literature and reading is the essential prerequisite for the course. Levels 9-6 at GCSE provide the best foundation for success at A Level. A commitment to wider reading, sensitivity to texts, clarity of thought and expression and the ability to present a well-supported, coherent argument are desirable. A love of theatre and film also helps!

By developing a student’s ability to analyse, provide evidence, make value judgments and express ideas clearly, the A Level English Literature course is an excellent foundation for a whole range of careers and has proved an asset in areas such as Law, Business, Science, Social Sciences and the Media.

The Gleam Team

Lower Sixth girls are encouraged to join The Gleam Team, which meets once a week after school to write, edit and assemble material for the annual school magazine ‘The Gleam’.  The girls also have the opportunity to work alongside the graphic design team, seeing how the professionals put it together during the design-and-print process.

What the girls say

“A level is a leap up from GCSE, as there is a lot more freedom in terms of ideas. Discussions have lasted entire lessons and we have had the opportunity to properly explore all varying avenues of thought."

“I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than reading and studying books that cover many different genres and explore a variety of themes. The discussions in class always seem to make things easier and can sometimes last for a whole lesson.”