Curriculum (Pre-Prep and Prep)

Our academic programme is guided by the National Curriculum.  Numeracy, literacy and science are given great emphasis.  We do, however, believe in a broad and balanced curriculum and we place high importance on Art, Design Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, ICT, French, PE, Science and Religious Studies.

A love of literature is encouraged and pupils enjoy making books and performing their own stories.  Numeracy is developed through active learning and investigation where the most able pupils are extended with open-ended problem-solving tasks.  Languages are taught by specialist teachers with emphasis on making learning fun through games and speaking activities.  Music is fostered at an early age with all pupils learning to play the recorder and many having individual music lessons.  Pupils experience a variety of sport and games through the regular physical education programme delivered by specialist teachers.

What the experts say
“Girls’ schools create a culture of achievement.” NCGS