Chicks hatch in the Prep School

Chicks hatch in the Prep School

Children in the Early Years class at Sunny Hill Prep have welcomed the arrival of two tiny chicks this week.

A mini incubator was donated by a local farming company and with the addition of some eggs, the children have been eagerly watching and waiting for the chicks to appear - all part of their 'enrichment and outdoor learning'.

Amber Searle, Reception teacher at Sunny Hill Prep, said: "The children have been so interested and attentive. They have even been reading stories to those eggs still waiting to hatch.  Everyone had a chance to hold the newly hatched chicks and we are all discussing what we shall name them!"

Amber went on to say that the project was all part of the extra enrichment lessons: "It is a super way for the children to learn about life cycles first hand and encourage curiosity in the world around them."

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