Business Studies (A level)

Business Studies is essentially about what businesses do and how they make decisions.  The application of knowledge to different situations and the ability to think of workable solutions is important.  

Three examination papers are prepared for; it is a synoptic A level, therefore all the material studied in the Lower Sixth is preparation for and is built on in the Upper Sixth  (please see the course spec on this page for the detail of the topics covered).

The main areas of study include Marketing, Accounting and finance, External influences, Operations management and People in organisations. 

You will gain a broad awareness of how businesses operate and this will be useful in any future career.  For some girls A level Business Studies will assist them in choosing an area of business to study further and for others it may help to make decisions on a future career.

Girls taking Business Studies also take part in Business Challenge which gives them the opportunity to set up and run their own business in school for two terms.

What the girls say

"Business Studies allows me to see what happens outside the classroom. It is a subject which involves the combination of theory and practice. It is much more fun than any other subject!"