Boarding Options

There are three types of boarding and we are very flexible in our approach.

Full Boarding

Full Boarding offers all the benefits of immersing the girls in life at the school.  A comprehensive programme of activities is arranged every weekend involving craft activities, baking, games and simple family-style fun.  On Friday nights and Saturdays, there are visits to local cinemas, theatres, theme parks, shopping and cultural trips to Bath, Bristol and local National Trust sites.  On Sunday mornings girls attend Church locally, and in the afternoons, quieter activities such as quizzes, treasure hunts or local walks are arranged.  There are opportunities for sports such as ice-skating, horse riding, dry skiing and canoeing.  Girls can participate in numerous competitive sporting fixtures representing the school or simply relax out-of-doors with friends.  Time is always set aside for the completion of prep.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly Boarding enables girls to go home for weekends whilst participating fully in school life during the week.  Parents can collect their daughters from school at the end of Friday afternoon and return on Monday morning or Sunday evening if preferred.  Transport can be arranged as required.


Flexi-Boarding provides the opportunity for day girls to enjoy the boarding experience as and when the need arises.  This is a ‘supper, bed and breakfast’ option which, subject to availability, responds to the occasional family need or a way for girls to maximise their involvement in a particular activity at school, a wish to be with friends or perhaps to celebrate a birthday!

What our parents say
“It’s lovely and very friendly. She boards for one week a year and she looks forward to it. She loves to get away from home. Boarding is structured in a polite and quiet way. The sporty girls do ‘sporty stuff’ and there are options to do gym and indoor sport,” BSG new parents' survey