International Students

Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly and fun boarding environment for international students, reflecting the qualities of a good home life, nurturing the young child and then guiding her through adolescence towards maturity. By fostering self-discipline and offering the opportunity to handle responsibility, we promote social confidence and assurance without arrogance.

Each of our experienced teams of house staff operate under the supervision of the Head of Boarding and provide the care, comfort and support which is so important for the girls’ well-being and success. They ensure that all girls feel that the boarding house is a ‘home away from home’, a relaxing environment with an extended family and friends, many of whom become friends for life.

International boarders are not allowed to self-medicate using native traditional substances. All medication must have an English translation. If a medicine or alternative therapy product is required this must be discussed with the Medical Centre team who will advise accordingly.


Every girl whose home is overseas or whose parents currently live or are posted abroad must have a nominated guardian for the duration of their stay at Bruton. This guardian must be resident in the UK and, ideally, within a reasonable journey of the school.

The role of the guardian is mainly to take charge of the student and be the parents’ representative in their absence. Key points involved in the guardian’s duties include the following:

  • To take charge and care of overseas students during fixed exeat weekends and half term holidays
  • To attend relevant Parents’ Evenings and school events where a parental presence is required or invited
  • To accompany the student , in the case of parental absence, to the Orientation Day at the beginning of the Autumn Term
  • To support the girl and family in cases of medical emergency

Whilst we do not arrange guardians or recommend a specific agency, we are happy to provide the details of reputable agencies that some of our other parents use. All guardianship agencies provide a variety of plans and fees to suit individual needs.

In the event of an emergency, the guardian will be the first point of contact. Parents will, of course, also be contacted, but the guardian will act in their absence ‘in loco parentis’.

We now offer the service of keeping a boarding house open over exeat weekends for overseas girls (Senior 3 and above) for an extra charge. This will mean that girls do not need to leave the school, although they may need to move rooms. This will be a quiet weekend without lots of activities planned to allow the girls some time to work or relax with their friends.