Opportunities for creativity are many and varied at Sunny Hill.  Lifelong passions and interests are often started by exciting and imaginative projects experienced when children are young.

In the early years of the Prep School your daughter will illustrate her written work, make models and use other forms of visual communication.  Basic skills (control of drawing and painting tools, cutting, sticking) are developed, enabling your daughter to plan and implement her ideas successfully.  Exploration of a wide variety of attractive and exciting materials lays the foundation for future progress and enjoyment.

As the children progress through the school they learn the basic “grammar” of art (colour theory, line drawing from direct observation, shading techniques) so that talent and self-discipline may develop.  They extend their experience and knowledge using an increasing variety of materials and techniques and working in two and three dimensions.  Experiment and innovation are encouraged.  Genuine delight in creative achievement is our goal for your daughter.