The Best Possible Start

The Best Possible Start

Independent education isn’t cheap; I won’t pretend it is. For many families much thought goes into when an independent education is of most value to their child.  The earliest years often get overlooked in favour of senior school.  In many ways this is understandable, however, I firmly believe that the foundations laid in the primary years are vital to success further down the line.

Establishing a love of learning early on sets a child on the right path, and our small classes and freedom from SATs and other pressures mean our pupils are nurtured and encouraged to have a love of school. The youngest learners flourish, filled with confidence, determination and intellectual curiosity.

Childhood is short and precious and at Sunny Hill Prep we provide the ideal environment inside and outside the classroom for an idyllic childhood, full of fun and friendship.   With plenty of room for learning too!  As all children need something slightly different our size means we can tailor our curriculums and lessons to the individual, whether that’s extra support or some further stretch and challenge.  Our broad curriculum focuses on the core subjects while offering enriching extras such as French, Latin, Forest School, Music, Art and Drama alongside the all-important play!  It is this full and creative curriculum that allows talents and passions to be discovered, explored and nurtured. 

Children need to feel safe to take risks in their learning and development; this is something we have the time and capacity to provide.  Whether that’s outside in our nature reserve or adventure playground, or in the classroom.     It is the sense of family that a smaller school can offer, where children grow in confidence because they know they are well supported and cared for.  

Financing an independent education for most means huge sacrifices and I’m certainly not going to underplay this, but I strongly believe the foundations set at a Prep School provide the best possible start for a child.

If you are considering a Prep School education, we are pleased to offer a range of scholarships to children who can demonstrate, talent, achievement and potential.    All Round, Creative/Performing Arts and Sport scholarships are available to children currently in Years 1 to 5.  The Scholarship Entrance Day is Monday 4th March 2019.

Please come and see for yourself what makes Sunny Hill a special place at our Open Morning on Friday 1st March, or the Prep School Activities Morning on Saturday 9th March.   To book a place or for more information about Sunny Hill Scholarships please contact