Psychology (A level)

This subject is for the dynamic student - it is for the pioneer.  Studying the newest of the sciences, students will find themselves at the cutting edge of new research in most aspects of their course.  Psychology combines well with any subject that involves human endeavour.  Past students have combined Psychology with a variety of other A levels.

It is a useful course whether the student’s ultimate aim is to work with people, undertake assessment or specialise in research.  Psychologists are employed widely in business, education, the health and social services, computing, law and marketing.  Applications of psychological research include police interviewing techniques, management training, pilot training and re-education projects for dangerous drivers or drug abusers.
The A level course involves a great deal of independent work, both in researching topic studies and in designing and reporting an investigation.

Candidates would be expected to possess a minimum of Grade B at GCSE Mathematics and English.  A science, particularly Biology, would be an advantage.  Students whose first language is not English would find the terminology difficult unless their English is of a good standard.

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What the Girls Say
"I have always been interested in the subject and studying it has just increased my enthusiasm. Everything we learn in class then pops up in the next film I watch or the conversations I have with my friends. It has made me much better informed."
“Psychology makes you look at the world with your eyes open.”