Physics (KS3, GCSE and A level)

A Level Physics is suitable for those who want to study a relevant worthwhile qualification either to complement their Mathematics or Sciences or as a separate science to support and balance a selection of Arts and/or Humanities subjects.

Not only is it a fascinating subject, A level Physics is a very highly regarded ‘facilitating’ subject, allowing entry to almost any course at Russell Group universities.  Studying Physics will often open up one of the widest ranges of future career options.

Physics is a very popular subject here at BSG with a good uptake at A level; more than would be in a mixed environment.  Girls benefit from an excellent level of support in and out of the laboratory and are encouraged to ask questions and participate fully in all the activities which include much experimental work.

What the Girls Say
"At A level you will experience topics familiar from GCSE, but at a far deeper level allowing you to understand and enjoy the topic. The supportive classroom atmosphere makes the subject even more enjoyable than GCSE. Although I find some parts quite challenging, it is very rewarding to understand the subject and the theories."