Old Girl makes tracks in Engineering

Old Girl makes tracks in Engineering

If you tuned into Channel 4 on Sunday evening (7th January) you perhaps would have seen The Biggest Little Railway, an eccentric but brilliantly heart-warming tale of a team of 56 model train enthusiasts and engineers, including Bruton School for Girls old girl Pip Jefferis, attempting to build the longest model railway in the world.  The five part series will chronicle the ups and downs of the team as they attempt to lay 71 miles of track across the Scottish Highlands.

Pip joined Bruton School for Girls in 1999 and left nine years later after completing A Levels in Maths, Physics and Economics.  She went on to study Civil Engineering at The University of Birmingham and states that it was “definitely the encouragement from teachers at BSG that helped me into engineering”.  She is now an Engineer for an International Development company, working on rehabilitating the water supply to the Capital City of Sierra Leone.

A keen STEM ambassador and passionate about increasing diversity in engineering, Pip decided to give up her summer to work on The Biggest Little Railway; hoping to raise awareness and interest in Science, Technology and Maths in this ‘Year of the Engineer’. She admits that it was a mad project, but anything that stimulates discussion and awareness of these important shortage areas has to be beneficial for us all.

Pip’s message to everyone is that they too can be an engineer; The Biggest Little Railway can be seen on Sunday evenings at 8pm on Channel 4.

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