Girl Power…Celebrating the Centenary of the Vote for Women

Girl Power…Celebrating the Centenary of the Vote for Women

To celebrate the Centenary of the Representation of the People Act (6/2/2018) allowing the first women the right to vote, Bruton School for Girls looked to both the past and the present.   Current Senior 2 pupils, Tara C (left) is wearing the original school uniform from 1918 complete with chalkboard and Lucy R (right) is in the modern uniform of today and using an iPad. 

Bruton School for Girls was established in 1900 (as Sunny Hill Girls’ School) with the aim to offer a first class education to girls. Since then, generations of pupils have benefitted from the outstanding education provided by the first benefactors of the school whose vision for girls’ education was so forward thinking at that time.

Miss Radford, the first Headmistress of Bruton School for Girls, commented on the suffragette movement; “It is no time for women to struggle against men for political freedom; men and women must work together for the common good of all, and surely whatever sacrifice that may entail will make women more not less fit for any wider duties and privileges the future may bring.”  These wise words are poignant on the anniversary of this historic landmark for women.

The present Headmistress, Nicky Botterill, says: “We are fiercely proud of our strong heritage.  Times change but our values do not; Miss Radford described the Sunny Hill girl as ‘healthy, honest, bright, generous, loyal…. quick to rise to the occasion and able to turn her hand to anything’ which remains true 100 years later.   Bruton girls leave not only with the skills commensurate with the era but with traditional values of honesty, diligence and respect.”

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