Dresses that make a difference

Dresses that make a difference

GCSE Textiles students at Bruton School for Girls have been putting their design and sewing skills to charitable use by making ‘dresses with a difference’.

The girls’ dresses will be sent to ‘Little Dresses for Africa’ which is a not-for-profit Christian organisation. The dress designs use sustainable and fair-trade fabrics which are then distributed by the charity through orphanages, churches and schools in Africa. 

Mrs Lucy Fosh, teacher of Art and Design Technology at the school, said:

"These beautiful dresses will plant hope in the hearts of many little girls who have lost their families through the HIV/AIDS crisis and bring a sense of worthiness and a feeling that someone cares about them. 

"For our girls this is a fantastic opportunity to put their newly learnt dressmaking and design skills to practical use.

"We take for granted being able to buy new clothes when we need to, but for many children in Africa, they have no way of replacing worn out clothing. Knowing that their work is going to make a huge positive difference to someone less fortunate than themselves, has been really inspiring for our girls at Bruton," she added.

The textile students didn’t stop there – they even organised a fundraiser to cover the cost of shipping the dresses out to Africa which was a very welcome further boost for the charity.

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