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Cumberlege News

strictly cabaret & girls getting festive!

The weekend started off with a bang with the ‘Strictly Cabaret’ on Friday evening. Both boarders and day girls took part to showcase their incredible individual talents. All the boarders attended to support their friends and enjoy what was a very successful evening.

On Saturday some of the younger boarders began the festive season by making decorations in house, baking Christmas cookies and decorating the tree.

On Sunday boarders got the opportunity of going to the Frome Christmas market, which all agreed was a great day out. Girls also attended the all-day ‘Grimm Tales’ rehearsal on Sunday, at which they worked hard on the upcoming school play and had lots of fun in the process. 


Remembrance Service, Social and fab Fireworks!

The girls came back from half term full of energy ready for the lead up to Christmas! During the week, the girls settled back into boarding life, catching up with each other after a week away. On Tuesday, we made a fire to celebrate bonfire night. On Friday night, the activities were based around remembrance. The girls had the choice of poppy brooch making, poppy clay making or watching ‘The Book Thief’. All the girls got stuck in and enjoyed the activities.

On Saturday, some of the girls went to Yeovil shopping in the morning; lots went to buy things for their socials that evening which they were excited about. In the afternoon, the horrendous weather left the hockey matches postponed, leaving the girls time to sort themselves out before the socials. In the evening, P5/6, Senior 1,2 and 3 went Sherborne Fireworks. All the girls had a lovely time watching the fireworks and going on the rides, even though it was really cold! The senior 4 and 5 girls went to the social here at school and all looked lovely ready for the night ahead.

On Sunday, all the boarders walked down into Bruton for the Remembrance Sunday parade. The girls all behaved superbly. In the afternoon, a few of the girls went to Wells leisure centre for the rapids and floats session, whilst other girls stayed in house and had a chilled afternoon doing prep and watching movies. Everyone had a lovely weekend.


Halloween fun, Baking and Movies

The girls have had an exciting and busy weekend before breaking up for the October half term. 

On Friday night the girls took part in lots of Halloween activities such as spooky face painting and learning the classic ‘Thriller’ dance. A lot of girls also got stuck into baking and cooking delicious Halloween treats, such as scary cookies and pumpkin soup! On Saturday, some of the girls went horse riding and really enjoyed it. There was also the option to go to Glastonbury in the afternoon. The girls walked up the tor and then walked into town where they were given free time to look around. Aside from this, some girls wanted to relax and had a day in house watching movies and playing pool. On Sunday, the girls were given the opportunity to go to Mendip Ski Centre, where they could either ski, snowboard or play frisbee golf. The girls that took part had a great time. The day was finished with a chilled afternoon in the cosy watching movies after a busy weekend of activities.  Heather C, Graduate Assistant


Cinema, Shopping and Country Walks

Last week, the girls in Cumberledge had lots of fun. The week consisted of hockey fixtures, trips to the dance studio and gym and board games in house. Lots of the girls also enjoyed watching The Apprentice on Wednesday Night. The weekend started with Friday activity night, in which some of the girls went to Yeovil to the cinema; some watched The Joker, and others Downtown Abbey. They all seemed to really enjoy it, lots saying the Joker was quiet scary. The rest of the girls in house put on a film and had a chilled night in. After a busy week, the girls enjoyed their later wake up call on Saturday. Later on, in the day, there were the options of the gym in the morning followed by a trip to Taunton in the afternoon. Lots of girls took up these opportunities and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. On Sunday, the girls spent the morning doing their prep, followed by a walk through the fields to Hauser and Wirth. The girls had a busy weekend and were definitely ready for some sleep ready for the week ahead.


Laser tag and visit to bath

The girls enjoyed a game of Laser Tag around the school on Friday evening and a lovely day out in Bath on Saturday in the sunshine.


Gardening, Photography and Harvest Festival Celebrations!

A garden make over was on the cards this last weekend for boarders, with some choosing the activity of making biodegradable seed pots and planting for their Friday night activity. Boarders tidied up the raised beds at the back of the house and planted some of the seedlings to see which were strong enough to make it through the season! Others were creatively messy and made papier mache bowls in house.

On Saturday we visited Stourhead for an afternoon of sunshine and Art. 

Two teams competed to photograph their artistic creations in the natural environment, using only the things that they found around them for materials and inspiration. The whole house voted for the best artwork on Monday night’s house meeting and the winning team won a prize for their creative efforts. Well done to all who took part and displayed such creative imaginations!

Sunday morning saw boarders attend the local harvest festival at Pitcombe church and everyone was delighted to be asked to share the feast afterwards! An afternoon of team games meant that everyone got to join in with some energetic games despite the change in weather.


Craft, Hockey and Boarders Challenge!

This weekend saw Cumberlege boarders taking part in many activities. On Friday evening's activity night we divided into seperate groups, some spending time to watch a film together, others enjoying time in the dance studio and gym, whilst others got creatively messy by creating bowls out of paper mache. Hockey fixtures away kept some of our boarders very busy on Saturday morning, followed by horse riding for others. Climbing at an indoor climbing centre in Yeovil in the afternoon ensured that Saturday was a day of physical challenges for all. Well done to all of those climbers who completed their own personal challenges by getting to the top of those walls!

On Sunday, we all took part in Boarders Challenge; an afternoon of getting to know you games followed by a treasure hunt and a BBQ on the front lawn of Highcroft. Thanks go to all of the GTAs for their great ideas for games... It was a fun afternoon and a lovely way to end the weekend!


games, tie dye and shopping!

It has been a busy week getting to know new faces in the boarding house. We have had fun getting to know each other and have played games, basketball, gone horse riding and enjoyed walks, baking and even attempted some reverse tie dye. We also enjoyed a trip to Ikea and the largest Asian supermarket in the South West of England!


Welcome Back!

The girls in Cumberlege have all settled back in to boarding life well and have been enjoying some getting to know each other games.


Action Packed End of Term!

We chose a rainy day to go and see all things aquatic at Bristol Aquarium on 16th June and took lots of photos for a Photo Challenge set by Mrs Bennett. After this, we went to go and see a nearby piece by local Street Artist Banksy before finishing the night with an All You Can Eat buffet in Za Za Bazaar. This was so much fun and we could get to try various meals from all around the world!

Saturday 22nd June saw us take part in a big trip to Thorpe Park with many of the day girls too. The park was packed and there were so many fun rides, it was hard to decide what to do first! We spent all day trying out the various rollercoasters, water rides and thrill rides and seeing how many we could fit into our time there. Some of us screamed so loud we managed to lose our voices by the end of the day! This is definitely a trip that we would like to do again!

The last weekend in boarding saw us join up with the sixth form boarders and hold our very own Glaston-berry festival! The sun came out and we spent Saturday outside playing party games, making friendship bracelets, using henna and designing our own glitter tattoos. We played badminton, got soaked in the paddling pool and Sixth ormers got to use our swing for a bit! The chill out area was very cool and Mrs Botterill and Mrs Robbins cooked us up a fantastic BBQ supper. Those of us that wanted to, camped outside overnight and some even managed to sleep! Cumberlege boarders really enjoyed this weekend and reckon it is probably one of the best they have had!


Cooking, Cinema and Chicago rehearsals!

This week the boarders enjoyed swimming, cooking and gardening as our Friday activities. On Saturday night we went on a cinema trip to Yeovil and watched Aladdin. Sunday morning began with birthday celebrations for 2 boarders, tennis and Chicago rehearsals. The rest of the day was filled with activities such as visiting the gym and dance studio, cooking, gardening and sewing!


Tennis, BBQ and Beach trip!

Our Friday night whole house activity night saw boarders choosing between cooking and prepping a picnic or gym and dance studio sessions. On Saturday, tennis fixtures and a picnic on Coburn meant we all were able to enjoy the good weather and this extended to a BBQ here in Cumberlege in the evening! The most exciting thing this weekend was, of course, the trip to Weymouth! One of the juniors even braved the cold and went swimming!


Gardening, Funathon and Rounders!

Cumberlege boarders have had some very active days this last week - lots to do and keep us busy! Friday night activity night saw more of us trying out self defence or planting up seeds and plants in the garden.

The school funathon on Saturday morning was enjoyed by everyone up to S2s whilst the S3s joined art club and tried their hands at some mandala painting on tiles. The decorated coasters looked fantastic at the end of the morning! The weather was kind and we were able to enjoy a BBQ in the evening which gave us all a break from the revision we have been doing! Sunday morning saw staff getting together a rounders game for us to take part in  -  a busy weekend all in all!


Cooking, Craft and Capture the Flag! 

This week, our Friday night activity night saw the boarders enjoying a "Master Chef" cooking competition.

Lots of different dishes were cooked! Boarders from Highcroft also took part, making it a busy and international menu of food on show at the end of the night.

On Saturday morning everyone enjoyed the Art club. Lots of great pieces of Art out of polymer clay were created by boarders.

After the Art club, Juniors - S2 (And some S4) went on a trip to the soon to be opened local 'The Newt in Somerset', enjoying a preview of many of the attractions on offer.

Saturday ended with a shared BBQ with both boarding houses getting together to enjoy their supper. Sunday morning started with a fun team game - 'capture the flag', with many boarders spending the rest of their weekend focused on their revision for their exams ahead.


Sewing Club, Shopping and Shetlands!

On Friday boarders spent their activity night working out in the gym, enjoying a 'supermarket dash', learning how to make Easter chocolate nests or making their own textile creations on the brand new PSA donated sewing machines. Saturday saw our horse riders meeting 2 new Shetland ponies at the stables and getting to know them better, whilst on Sunday the majority of the house went out for a wonderful trip to Bath

(spending quite a lot of time in the Apple store!)

Great memories, shopping and food with a couple of us buying a brand new BTS album! Kristina U, S3

New Sewing Kit thanks to the psa! 

This last month, Cumberlege were the very happy recipients of two brand new sewing machines and lots of great new kit, courtesy of the PSA. The PSA have hosted many successful events already this year, the proceeds of which make their way back into the school. This time, Cumberlege were extremely excited to benefit from 2 new sewing machines, copious amounts of thread, material, storage boxes and a subscription to the Mollie Makes magazine, packed full of ideas for them to use. 

The brand new kit was christened on our Activity Night last Friday, with boarders using their imagination and creativity to work on self-led pieces. Juniors to S3s worked alongside each other, making new bags, soft toys and small purses. We look forward to using this kit a lot in the future, getting our practice in for future DT projects! Thanks PSA!


Crafts, Cinema and Easter Egg Hunt!

Last Friday there was a PSA Race Night, girls had a fun night eating hotdogs, snacks and betting on different horses.

On Saturday there was morning art club where boarders made Mother’s Day themed presents. In the evening there was a cinema trip to see Captain Marvel, which was a big hit! 

On Sunday there was horse riding. After brunch there was an Easter egg hunt, which girls enjoyed finding hidden Easter eggs. Later into the day there was an Easter service where girls learnt about Easter and sung different hymns. 


Quiz Night, Art Club and Shopping Trip!

There were a lot of activities happening last weekend. On Friday there was a quiz night over in Highcroft, girls ate snacks and enjoyed working as a team to answer the questions.

On Saturday there were away matches in the morning. There was also an art club in the boarding house which girls loved, making some brilliant pieces. In the afternoon there was a trip to Clark’s Village in Street. Boarders got to shop, eat and have a fun day out with their friends. There was also a trip to the dance studio during the day.

In the evening there was the Glitz and Sparkle ball for Sixth formers and Senior 5, they all had a great time. 

On Sunday there was horse riding and later in the day there was a trip to Wincanton pool. Bella C, Senior 4


Birthday Celebrations, Shopping and Bowling!

On Friday there was a birthday party in house after school, there were also different activities such as a gym trip, tie-dying shirts, healthy cooking and a movie in Hobhouse.

On Saturday there were matches throughout the morning. In the afternoon there was a trip to Yeovil. Girls got to do some shopping, and later they went bowling, which was great fun. After bowling, girls went to Tamburino’s and had a delicious Italian meal. On Sunday, there was horse riding and different activities throughout the day. Bella C, Senior 4


Harry Potter Evening!

Last Thursday night the boarding staff held a Harry Potter Evening in the boarding house. Girls were sorted into their house by cupcakes filled with coloured dye representing their house. Girls then had some warm up questions to earn some points, before starting a treasure hunt to find things such as: Tom Riddle’s Diary and Hedwig.

Then Mr Wells came over bringing an owl, he talked about the birds and owls and let the girls stroke the owl. Later on, there was a Harry Potter Quiz and Ravenclaw won! Girls also got to drink firewhisky (warm apple juice and cinnamon). 

On Friday, boarders went to the Acoustic Performance to support their friends, it was very enjoyable and the music was amazing. Saturday there were matches in the morning, and a rock climbing trip to Yeovil in the afternoon. On Sunday girls relaxed, some went horse riding and others watched movies and made clay creations in the cosy. 

Snow Day!

Last Friday the snow finally decided to fall. School ended up being very limited as staff and girls couldn't get in, so boarders did crafts and science experiments in the boarding house. They also went sledding down the hill at Coburn. In the evening there was a gym trip and activities in the dance studio, there was also a movie playing and night sledding on Coburn. The boarders made the most of their snow day!

On the Saturday when the roads were much clearer and safe, Miss Bennett and Mrs WG took some boarders to Bath for the day, everyone enjoyed themselves! 

Boarders went horse riding on Sunday, and some girls went to church, there was also another trip to Bath for the girls who couldn’t get into the trip the day before, driven by Miss Bennett. Later in the day there was a birthday party and a walk. Bella C, Senior 4


Shopping, Social and Swimming!

Last weekend was filled with lots of exciting activities. On the Saturday there were netball matches throughout the morning. There was also a quick trip to Yeovil, where girls had a speedy shopping trip.

Later into the evening there was a Senior 5 Out-of-this-world themed social, which girls enjoyed as a way to mark the end of mocks.

On Sunday boarders went horse riding, followed by a trip to an inflatable swimming obstacle course in Frome. Bella C, Senior 4


Baking, countryside walks and horse riding!

This weekend in the boarding house was relatively relaxed due to many of the girls studying hard for their mock exams.

On Friday, the girls enjoyed a number of activities, including a Friday night movie and some detox baking. This week’s recipe was ‘raisin-oat biscuits’ and the girls set to work with their whisks and spoons to produce some scrumptious treats!

On Saturday the girls spent the morning cosied up inside as the weather outside was drizzly and grey. Later that afternoon we donned our walking shoes and ventured out into the cold for a long walk into Bruton via the park and Bruton Dovecote, where we saw some cows before heading into town to stock up on some important provisions, i.e. chocolate!

On Sunday the girls had an outing to the local Methodist Church to celebrate the beginning of a new term, as well as many of the girls going to horse riding lessons, arriving back in the afternoon in time for a delicious Sunday brunch!


christmas at cribbs, panto & christmas dinner

Last Friday we had a Christmas dinner with all the boarders and members of boarding staff. Girls sat in their years and filled out quizzes.   The Senior 5’s were waitresses for the night and served the delicious roast dinner made by the talented kitchen staff followed by a chocolate dessert.

When dinner was finished, staff had planned Christmas activities. Girls were split into teams and spent the rest of the evening building gingerbread houses, using balloons to blow over cups and stacking cups! Overall everyone enjoyed themselves and it was an amazing evening.



The next day there was a shopping trip to Cribbs Causeway where girls went shopping and ice skating. Later on into the evening Senior 4 and 5’s went to the Snowball at Kings Bruton and danced with their friends. Many thanks to the boarding staff who accompanied the girls and stayed there with them!

On Sunday there was a Princess Pantomime in Hobhouse and various other Christmas activities such as baking treats and making crafts.


Christmas Lights, Crafts and Carols

Last Friday there was a boarding trip to Frome to watch the Christmas lights turn on, girls got to shop and walk around Frome, whilst looking at the festive lights marking the countdown to Christmas!

On Saturday there were hockey matches throughout the morning, and then the choir went to Street to perform at Clarks Village. Christmas crafts went on throughout the day.

On Sunday, some boarders went horse riding in the morning, and others got to sleep in and relax! There was also a gym trip in the afternoon.


Cinema, Christmas Crafts and Cooking

As there are some 'kpop' fans in the boarding house, there was a cinema trip last week to watch BTS: Burn The Stage. The girls loved watching it, and were very grateful to be able to go and see it, considering it was only showing a few times in cinemas around the country.

On the weekend there was a multitude of activities available to dip into: cooking and Christmas crafts: colouring, Christmas crackers, homemade Rice Krispie cakes amongst many other activities, including our very own impromptu slime factory!

On Sunday there was a cinema trip to watch Fantastic Beasts 2, which the girls really enjoyed. Before they went, several boarders attempted to whittle their own wands, using wood from the school's very own 'Whomping Willow' (the apple tree that recently tried to escape the confines of space outside the music block!) Fantastic creations of our own were made with amazing results!


Poppy crafts, Socials and Remembrance Service

Last Friday was activity night for the boarding house. Girls made salt dough decorations, went to the gym and watched a movie.

Saturday was a relaxed day. Boarders made poppy crafts for remembrance day, with a new poppy painting hanging in the boarding house. Whilst in evening the boarding house pulled together to get ready for an evening of socials. S1s helped the S2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s get ready for their Halloween socials and much fun was had by all!

On the Sunday boarders went to the Remembrance Day service in town. They paraded through town to commemorate 100 years since the end of the Great War. Bella C


Halloween Party and Fantastic Fireworks!

This Friday boarders from Cumberlege and Highcroft had a Halloween party. The girls dressed up in gory costumes and made fake wounds. The party involved a quiz, apple bobbing, hide and seek and what’s in the box (halloween themed!). The evening was great fun, thank you to the staff for planning it!  

On Saturday night there was a trip to Sherborne Castle to watch the fireworks. There were rides, food stalls, music and a breathtaking firework show. Bella C

On Sunday, boarders took advantage of some quiet time in house to make tin can lanterns for Diwali and to assemble Christmas shoe boxes for those less fortunate than themselves. It was a lovely way to spend a chilled out Sunday afternoon with some great results!


Pumpkin Carving Fun!

The boarders had great fun carving pumpkins this week. 


swimming, board games and drama performance

This weekend boarders went to Wincanton Sports Centre and went swimming, there were lots of floats to go on, and they had a fun filled time.

On Monday night the girls either played board games with the international students or went to the GCSE drama performance. Both were an amazing experience and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Some of the girls also enjoyed upcycling of old fruit and veg boxes to turn into planters for the house and cake making. Bella, C


International food tasting, upcycling and pool competition

In addition to the International theme on Friday, boarders were kept busy with various Socials this weekend and a trip to Clarks Village Shopping Centre. Language Assistant Hanna Bergner helped upcycle our office desk in honour of the end of Green week, giving us a truly unique addition to the boarding house!

The large chalkboard is also a fun and helpful addition to the boarding house this weekend. A joint house pool game saw ex Highcroft boarder come back to play a game with our new International cohort. 


Cinema, Carnival and Shopping!

Due to stormy weather our planned beach trip to Weymouth was cancelled last weekend and instead, we got crafty inside with sock monkey making and took boarders on a trip to the independent cinema in Frome and a spot of Carnival time!

Boarders enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the fair, did a spot of shopping and braved the weather from behind the occasional cup of hot chocolate. We hope to be beside the seaside soon and enjoy all it has to offer from a more sunny perspective! Mrs Bennett, Senior Housemistress


Boarders Challenge

At the weekend Cumberlege and Highcroft students joined forces for an afternoon of fun and games. They arrived on the sports field to be divided in to 6 teams of mixed age groups, it was lovely to see everyone embrace this and they soon began to bond as staff lead them through activities such as relay races (some great techniques developed for running with a balloon between the legs!), the After Eight challenge, the donut challenge and a large game of dodge ball.

Our final challenge of the day was a treasure hunt: Who would discover the combination to the treasure chest?! We finished on Highcroft Lawn with a BBQ in the glorious autumn sun where there was the added bonus of playing with Mrs WG’s puppy for those who chose to. With lots of laughs and smile throughout, some new friends were definitely made not to mention some new skills acquired.


Shopping Trip and Bruton Adventures!

This weekend, to mark the first week back at school, the boarding house went on a trip to Bath. The girls explored Bath, ate at restaurants, went clothes shopping and looked around the different pop-up shops. Overall the day was great fun and we can’t wait to go again! Even though some people are wishing they didn’t spend quite as much on shopping!!

On Sunday, a couple of the boarders made the most of their chill out day and had a wander down into Bruton. A couple of us felt brave enough to try the stepping stones crossing, even encouraging the Housemistress to follow us across without falling in! Bella C, Senior 4


Trip to Longleat

For the last weekend of the academic year, the boarders took a trip to Longleat, arranged by Mrs Bennett. They went through the safari and saw lions, tigers, monkeys and fed the deer. They then explored Longleat park, where there was a food festival going on with live music and carnival rides. The girls attempted the maze, resulting in getting lost, they also held tarantulas and snakes. Overall the day was amazing and a great way to finish the term!


boarders enjoy a BBQ!

Last Saturday the PSA held a barbecue, which the boarding house attended. There was live music played by the music teachers, which was amazing! Anna Li played the drums, and there were games, a delicious barbecue and overall everyone had an amazing time!


screenings & processions

Last Friday the boarding house went to the cinema to see Deadpool 2 and Jurassic World 3. The films were thrilling, Jurassic World 3 had everyone on the edge of their seats, with something exciting and gripping happening every scene.

On the Sunday, four girls from the boarding house, along with other students and teachers, attended the “Processions” in London. The parade of women walking started at 2:00. Thousands of women and children attended; celebrating the Suffragettes, and women having the right to vote for 100 years. Girls at BSG created banners and flags with different slogans on. The suffragettes colours were: green, purple, and white, that’s why this weekend girls were given scarves in these colours to walk in. The procession went amazing! And BSG was documented by the BBC! The long drive was worth it, as the girls experienced something they will never forget!


Cumberlege cause a splash!

The pool has opened and for their house activity the boarders all had a great time swimming, or spraying others with water guns. Now that the weather has warmed up the pool is a great way to enjoy the sun! Over the weekend they also swam in the pool and sunbathed, everyone had fun and non-stop laughter could be heard!








Barn Dance!

Last Friday the boarders went to the PSA Barn Dance, where straight away they were pulled into learning how to dance with a partner and swapping with different people. Everyone got involved in the dances, leaving them very out of breath at the end! Later on, after mastering the dances, ice cream and hotdogs were served, what a great evening! Thanks PSA for organising it


Rock painting, Bath & the cinema

After painting the rocks in a previous house activity the girls walked into Bruton and hid their rocks around the town. If you happen to walk by the stepping stones and see some brightly painted rocks, you know who painted them! Before heading back a quick stop in the park is always good fun!

This Friday boarders took a trip to the cinema to watch Avengers Infinity War; it was amazing but the ending was a big surprise! On the Saturday, Mrs Bennett took the girls to Bath for a shopping trip. Multiple ice-cream stops were necessary as it was so hot outside! Boarders got to walk around, eat lunch and overall had a great time!


Rock painting, stourhead and swings

For the boarding house activity this week, boarders each got to decorate a rock with different designs and patterns, everyone got involved and the rocks look amazing! Later on the boarders will be able to hide their rocks around Bruton with "Bruton rocks" written on the back, in the hope that the rocks will be found and re-hidden someplace else. We will be able to see how far the rocks get by using facebook to post pictures of the rocks location once they are found. We hope the rocks travel far across England! 

This Sunday, Mrs Bennett decided to launch a trip to Stourhead, after one of our school halls. The boarders explored the lovely gardens around Stourhead, discovered the Grotto, and had a lovely afternoon, especially since the sun came out!

If you haven’t heard by all of the laughter after school, there is a new rope swing, trampoline and hammock outside the boarding house. They have been a great hit as you will almost always see someone using them, especially since its getting warmer it’s a great way to take a break from work and relax and play outside! Thanks also to the PSA for buying us a new bench and table to use outside!


snowy hill!

This last weekend saw the first serious snow in 6 years. The boarders made good use of this over the last weekend by sledging, building toboggan runs, making the biggest snowman they could and generally having lots of fun outside! For some of us, this was our first real experience of snow and even those who were at first a little hesitant about going outside, were learning how to make snowballs and building their first snowmen by the end of Saturday! Lots of fun was had by all, but we’re happy we’re no longer slipping around outside for a while!


Cumberlege Flip Out!

The Boarders had an active weekend, despite no fixtures. From an early start for a DofE walk for a couple of boarders to a large group heading over to Flip Out Trampoline park in Bristol, everyone had a huge amount of fun.

Sunday added to the fun as a large group gathered in front of the TV to cheer on England as they played against South Africa in the International Netball Quad Series. They enjoyed it so much, Miss Childs took a group down to the Sports Hall to play some sport for themselves. One thing is for sure - these girls never run out of energy!


Cumberlege Competitions & Stress Busting!


This last week at Cumberlege we saw the boarders throwing themselves into games night. Miss Overington joined in with the game play and boarders enjoyed trying out the new ‘chalenj’ board game – with great hilarity. On Saturday we also got stuck in to making stress balls out of balloons, rice and flour. Even slime made an appearance – with varying degrees of success!



Sunny Hill Slime!

 On Sunday, Cumberlege boarders had fun getting messy and experimenting with making slime. The Juniors led this activity and encouraged others to get involved – even the GAPs got stuck in! The slime making was fun and we experimented with different ingredients with varying degrees of success but a whole lot of fun. This is something we will definitely all be trying again.


Christmassy Cumberlege

Last weekend was the Wendy and Peter Pan performances which lots of us were involved in.  We really enjoyed putting it on and we didn’t really want the run to stop- although at the same time it was really nice to have a long sleep and not have to get up and get ready for the next performance!

On Saturday the juniors went to see Father Christmas. They did a treasure trail around Brimsmore and then met him and said what they would like for Christmas. They had a really good time, although their highlight seems to have been seeing Miss Rice again. They were all very pleased about that!

On Sunday we had our Christmas Crafts afternoon.  Ms Weaver made magnetic pegs with us, Miss Childs did crackers, Miss Culverson made reindeers and Miss Gibson did wooden angels for us to paint.  Miss Bennett Jones did paint your own mugs so we made some Christmas presents for people and her Mum helped us make Christmas cards. So we got loads done! We listened to carols and it was a really nice afternoon.


It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

We decorated the house on Friday - tinsel all the way up the bannisters and baubles on everyone’s door. We had a worry when we thought none of the lights would work for the tree, but one strand was still in the game so we were OK.  However, they blew the next day! Miss Bennett Jones got us some more though on Sunday, so it’s back to full light strength! After we had decorated we sat around the tree and we took it in turns to say what we were looking forward to either in the holidays or in the year ahead. Then we sang Away in a Manger. We then had our first Christmas film and drank hot chocolate so we feel ready for the holidays now!

On Saturday we went to Exeter Christmas Markets which were great, and we had some yummy treats as we wandered round.  There were really good shops there too so most of us got quite a few presents. On Sunday we had early church at Pitcombe. We haven’t been for a  while and they now have a little kitchen at the side so we had juice/hot drinks afterwards, which was really nice and we got to chat to everyone. Our Artist in Residence’s Mum was there and so it was nice to meet her too!

On Tuesday we had German night as it is Saint Nicholas’ day on Wednesday. Miss Dorsal came over and we decorated the biscuits we had made in readiness on Sunday.  Luckily we had not eaten them yet! Then we sang some German carols and Miss Dorsal helped us understand them. Before we went to bed we put out a shoe, as according to tradition, Saint Nicholas may come and put sweets in if we have been good, and sticks if we have been bad! Anna Li says she thinks she will get chocolate sticks - are they even a thing?!


Quiz, Flip Out and Films!

On Friday we went to the PSA quiz in school which turned out to be a good evening. Each year group had contributed at least one question so we went in knowing we at least knew some of them! Our knowledge of English counties wasn't great but we were much better at science and also general knowledge. We had food there too; lots of Godmister cheese which we have decided is the best cheese ever!

On Saturday we had some sport fixtures but spent most of the day looking forward to the trampoline trip to Flip Out afterwards. It was the new one in Wellington and it was really good. There were lots of different zones and it was so much fun. On the way back we went to McDonalds for tea which was a massive treat and we all sat together and had a really nice time. We really want to go to Flip Out again it was such a good trip.

On Sunday we went to the Methodist Church in the morning and then we had a quiet afternoon doing prep or just relaxing. Some of us watched the old Pink Panther film with Peter Sellers in; it was really funny and we'd like to see the others now.

We had a really good weekend - but we are also really looking forward to exeat next weekend!


Cinema, Socials & Remembrance Day 

On Friday we all went to the cinema. There was lots we wanted to see and we had to pick from three different films. Each one was really good and we had a great time.

On Saturday we asked if we could go to Yeovil to get some shopping in readiness for our socials in the evening. However we actually ended up in Kaspar's eating waffles and ice cream which was really yummy and then we had to dash round to get our stuff!

In the evening we had the Hallowe'en socials and it's nice to see lots of guests at our school.

On Sunday we went in to town for the Remembrance Parade. The Head Girls and the Captains of the Prep School laid wreaths and it was really good to see how many people went to show their respect.

In the afternoon the juniors created a display of poppies from the ones they had made earlier, and from thoughts they had on the day, which is really nice and they have put it up in the computer room. 


Hallowe'en, Climbing & Fireworks!

We came back to school on Sunday feeling sad as the holidays were over but when we arrived at the boarding house it was all decorated for Hallowe'en and there were pumpkins outside! We had a party on Tuesday and the kitchens did us special food for supper which was quite funny.  We then we went back to the house where we did apple bobbing and ate doughnuts off a string as well as other games. Afterwards, we played Zombie tag around school. The Sixth form organised it and it was so much fun! We were all dressed up which made it even funnier- as well as scary!

On Friday we went climbing at Undercover Rock in Bristol which was a really good way to spend Friday night. It was quite scary at first but after we got over the nerves, it was a really good challenge. We also did some bouldering which was really enjoyable too.

On Saturday we went to the fireworks at Sherborne Castle and we were glad we had put our gloves on because it is definitely getting really cold now. We stayed up afterwards and watched a film and warmed up with a hot chocolate- or two!


Crazy for You, Castles & Games 

On Friday a group of us went to see Crazy for You at the Bristol Hippodrome.  It was a Gershwin musical and we were surprised that we knew some of the songs! It was quite funny and the singing and dancing was amazing. We really liked the bit where the man thought he was seeing double but really it was someone impersonating him!

On Saturday the juniors went to Sherborne Castle with Miss Bennett Jones. It sounds like they had a great time. They said they leant lots about Sir Walter Raleigh and also that ostriches are a symbol of power because they once helped the Numidians win against the Romans and that’s why the Digby family have them all over the house.  Afterwards they went and had afternoon tea and Solange ate the biggest amount of waffles with banana and toffee sauce! 

Here is a picture of us waiting for her to finish! 

In the evening some the S5 helped at Sixth Form Ball and they said it was a really good night – can’t wait until we get to go when we are in the Sixth Form!

On Sunday it was really warm again and so we played lots of silly games with hula hoops which was really funny and quite tiring!


Bruton Fun & Blackberry Picking! 

This weekend we enjoyed some time in and around Bruton.

On Friday Miss Bennett Jones showed us how to make bread and we left it to proove overnight and then had fresh bread in the morning. It was so good, we have asked if we can make it every week! Cristina says she is going to make it for her Dad at half term as usually he makes it and now she can too! 


  On Saturday the sun came out and those girls not involved    in the sports fixture went into town and had some fun on      the stepping stones! In the evening we had our film night      which we look forward to each week. It is so nice to come      together and just chill in the evening.


On Sunday we went and picked blackberries for the whole school to have next week during Green week. We really got into it and Genevieve got us to sing as we picked- probably a good job no one saw us! We got loads and we are looking forward to having them next week. 


CINEMA, Trips to the Woods and Laser Tag! 

On Friday we went to the cinema. It was good to go with our friends and it was a really nice way to end the week.

On Saturday Mrs Life invited us to her wood and we had a campfire and plodged in the river. It was so cold! However Akesa and Katherine swam in it so maybe it wasn’t that bad!

We then had dampers and chatted around the fire and we tried some cob nuts. It was a really nice way to spend the afternoon - thank you Mrs Life! In the evening we made milkshakes. It didn’t go well at first, then we realised we had put the ingredients in but forgotten the milk to make it liquid! After we added that it was much better and we want to do it again.

On Sunday we went to another wood, this time near Chippenham and played laser tag. We did three different games, and we got better at it as the day went on. At first we weren’t very good at being stealthy and also forgot that the laser beams can shoot a long way but we improved! Next time though we will think better about what we wore - most of us had bright colours on which wasn’t the best plan! 


Fabulous First Weekend Back!

We all had a good first weekend together. We were going to have a campfire on Friday but it was raining too much so we asked if we could have a movie and some take-out instead. It was a really nice way to spend the evening with the new friends that have joined us in boarding.

On Saturday we went to Yeovil as some people needed to get some bits for their dorms, and also we all wanted to go to Kaspar's the dessert restaurant! Thirty of us went and we sat at the booths and ate a lot of sugar! There were milkshakes, crepes, ice creams and waffles and it was really hard to make a choice. It all tasted so good!

On Sunday we had the boarders challenge where we were put into groups of a couple of girls from each year group in boarding, and we had a series of challenges to solve together. We were running up and down the gym solving clues, climbing through spiders webs, wrapping presents blindfolded etc etc and by the end we all knew each other a lot better!


Grease is the word and Park Life!

This weekend was all about Grease! It was such a great performance and Genevieve’s singing was amazing! Some of us were in it, and others were backstage/front of house and it was so much fun to be involved.

In between shows we had to get the packing done - but we managed to get it all done by Sunday lunchtime and so we went swimming in the afternoon which was great after such a busy time.

On Tuesday we had a house outing to the park and we had ice creams and enjoyed the sunshine - we are looking forward to going home but we are having a really nice time here too!


Boarders' Mini-festival!

On Sunday the boarders created their own little slice of Glastonbury action with Minifest. They started proceedings with falafel, hummus and pitta and then spent time creating flower power headbands, friendship bracelets and smothering each other in glitter and face paint.




Then the very talented Millie and Mikey preformed and Millie did an incredible slowed down haunting version of "Abbas lay all your love on me", while we enjoyed ice creams. The Spanish boarders joined in with the fun by singing us a song in Spanish and then the day was topped off with us trying to balance on the slack line and out bouncing each other on the bouncy castle.  It was a fantastic, fun weekend! 


Fabulous Weekend Camping

Last weekend we all went on the camping trip - and it was so much fun!

We camped in Dorset and it was a really nice site. On Saturday we went to Purbeck Water Park - which was amazing! We got to do two obstacle courses on the lakes and it was so much fun. We struggled with some of the challenges because we were laughing so much!

After that we went to Swanage and had a ride on a steam train. Some of the juniors had never been on a train so it was even more exciting for them.Then we looked around Corfe Castle which was really interesting - and it was nice and cool inside the keep!

In the evening we had a swim on site to cool off and then we played games and had dinner and chilled. The juniors had woken up at 04:30 on Saturday morning and started talking so we said if they did that again we would sit on them! To be fair we had been up late talking and playing games so it probably evened out really.

On Sunday we had to pack up and then we went to West Bay for lunch and finished the day on Charmouth beach. The sea was SO cold but once we got in it felt warmer- and it was so nice as it was a really hot day!


Sport, Shopping and Slime!

On Friday we had a film night and we got our pyjamas on and watched a film with our duvets.

On Saturday there was lots of sport and so some of us who had fixtures in the morning went to Bath in the early afternoon and the rest joined us later after they had finished tennis. We did some shopping and bought milkshakes - it took us ages to choose which flavour as the shop had any type you could ever imagine! Isabella chose Syrup sponge and Solange went for Hershey’s and cream. They were really filling and so we didn’t need anything to watch the film with after! We saw Pirates of the Caribbean and it was really funny - we were all laughing as Captain Jack is so funny!

On Sunday we had church and then in the afternoon some of the older girls were in the Grease rehearsals with the choreographer and the juniors made slime. They made edible slime, as well as play slime. It looked gross but they were really happy and Solange said it was the best experiment ever!


Duke of Edinburgh tales, revision and Sunday funday!

This weekend the Senior 4's went to do their Bronze D of E and they all passed so they were really pleased – but were also very tired! It sounds like they had lots of fun on the walk - Alina was telling us how they got lost in a wood and another group went via Longleat park - but they didn’t have to deal with any wildebeest though! They were really tired when they got back but they said it was really worth doing and good fun so we are thinking we would like to do it next year when we are old enough.

We mainly got on with revision and some of us into town to chill by the river for a bit as a break - as we have exams week next week.

On Sunday the juniors and some seniors went to Kilve Court and it was a really fun day out. They had a go at archery and a go on the climbing wall and they really loved the grass sledging! The maze was also good – Eloise said it was really hard to find the way out but easy to find the middle!


Movies, Eurovision Party and Splashdown!

On Friday we had a movie night in house and some of us managed to watch two films as we wanted to see the juniors film too. They had 'Moana' - and Evelyen's Aunt was one of the singers in it so we were really excited to see it!

On Saturday we had lots of sports and revision to do - but we spent the day looking forward to the Eurovision party! We had score cards and party food and we got all the bean bags and sofas and put them together in the cosy. Some of the acts were so crazy - the Italians had a dancing gorilla on stage! Most of us liked the Moldovan team the best as they had the best dance moves. The Spanish girls went crazy for their entry but we thought it was rubbish and so did the world as they only got five points! None of us won the prize though as we didn't predict Portugal would win.

On Sunday we went to church and then the lower school went to Splashdown. They had a great time and came back telling us all about the slides and chutes they had been on and who lost their rings on the Mississippi River!

The Juniors getting ready to play Crab football.


Cinema, Shopping and Ice Cream!

On Friday we went to the cinema to see 'Guardians of the Galaxy' which we LOVED!! Baby Groot was so cute and the film was really funny.

On Saturday we went to Cabot Circus and went shopping. We got loads of stuff and it was really nice to hang out and we went for smoothies and had a really good time. When we had finished we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner which was cool. We took ages choosing what to have but we were pleased with what we eventually chose! We really like when we all go out for a meal together because even though we always eat together its more family like to go out sometimes and so we have asked if we can do this more. When we got back we had ice cream and watched a movie.

After church on Sunday we had to do some work as we had been out on Friday and Saturday - but it wasn't too bad as it was really sunny and so we worked in the garden!


Dancing and Woodland Fun!

On Friday we all went to the PSA Barn Dance which was lots of fun. Those of us who went last year were really looking forward to it but some of the new girls weren't sure what to expect. We got really hot as it was quite energetic and if were didn't concentrate we created havoc - which was quite funny!

On Saturday we did some more dancing as Miss Bennett Jones took us outside to do some maypole dancing - which was harder than we thought as you have to all move at the same pace. Tyla made us Anzac biscuits, as it had been Anzac day on Tuesday and they kept us going!

On Sunday we all went to Mrs Life's wood and even though it was drizzling we had a great time. We gathered willow to put marshmallows on, which we toasted and we sang and chatted for ages. Mr Life showed us how to make charcoal, which was really cool and we had a really good afternoon.


Campfire, Hide and Seek and Spring Celebration Lunch

On Friday we all went down to the cutting to have a campfire. We had so much fun. We foraged for wood and then we sat around the fire and we had s’mores. Mrs Haddleton put the Nutella on for us and she was really patient as we all had seconds, thirds, and fourths…..! Maria B got marshmallow in her hair which was funny! We sat and chatted and then after a while Miss Bennett Jones taught the new girls some of the campfire songs and we sang for ages as the sun set. It was a really good evening and we are looking forward to more during the Summer.

On Saturday we played the Easter bunny game, which involved Senior 5 hiding, then we had to find them, chase them and then bring them in – in return for chocolate eggs. Yolanda was worth the most to catch as she is really fast but we managed to get her! It was quite exhausting as we ran all over site, so we chilled afterwards in the sunshine and some of us went into town and went to the stepping stones.

On Sunday all the boarders had dinner together as a Spring Celebration as a community. We had roast lamb and strawberry cheesecake afterwards which was really good. Miss Bennett Jones wished the Senior 5 and Upper Sixth good luck in their exams - and reminded us that we too have our mid year tests – but after that the Summer was there to enjoy – we just have to work first - boo!


Theatre Trip, Llama trekking and Making Crystals!

On Friday some of us went to see the Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time at the Theatre Royal, Bath. It was a very physical performance and the way the story was told with such energy and sensitivity was amazing.

On Saturday most of us went to Sidmouth and went Llama trekking! It was so much fun. We met all the llamas – who all had names and them we groomed them and chatted about them. One of them – Olly, can recognise colours which was really cool. Then we took them around an obstacle course which was hilarious. They had to go through cones and hoops etc and it took some negotiating! The owners were really friendly and we want to go and see them and their llamas again in the Summer.

On Sunday we went to Church in the morning and then in the afternoon Mrs Rostrup came in to make crystals in egg shells with us. It was really fun, although some of the stuff really smelt! We have now left hem on the side and keep checking them to see if the crystals have formed yet!


Pancakes, Cinema and Shopping!

On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancakes. Miss Bennett Jones made them all whilst we helped and tried to decide what our favourite topping was. Genevieve likes nutmeg on hers and Solange likes salted butter – we hadn't tried either before.

On Friday we went to the cinema. The juniors saw 'Sing' which they said was really funny, whilst the Seniors saw 'Hidden Figures'. It was really interesting and made us appreciate just how big a struggle women have had to be valued – particularly if not from a white background.

On Saturday we went to Bath and did some shopping. The S4-5 bought some food so they could have a cook session later – that was such a good idea. Whilst the others bought more generals stuff – and chocolate! Next time the others would like to get stuff to cook too.  It was really fun just driving to and from Bath as we were singing along to the radio. They were playing loads of Ed Sheeran and Akesa really went for it!

The juniors went to Wells and did the soft play there. Ms Weaver took them and they said it was really good and they want to go again. When we got back we were really up for a girls night in so we made hot chocolate and pooled our tuck and watched a film, it’s so nice to just hang out sometimes.

On Sunday it was pouring with rain so we stayed in and did our prep and in the afternoon we went to the gym and played benchball with Miss Cross which was fun. Now we are looking forward to exeat next weekend!


BSG Bake Off and Fun at the Pier!

On Friday some of Senior 4 and 5, along with Sarah from the Sixth Form had a 'Bake Off' competition. They didn’t know what they were making until they got there - and it was a chocolate swiss roll. It sounds like they had lots of fun as it is harder than making a normal cake - and they all did it well, although Diana’s was more like a swiss roll biscuit which Mimosa found hilarious! They all tasted really good though. Sarah won, although Yvonne came a close second.

On Saturday a whole group of us went to Weston-super-Mare Pier with Mrs Haddleton and Miss Cross. We had so much fun. We got to have a go in a crystal maze and get across a room without breaking the laser beams, and there were lots of rides and things to do too. The juniors were not great at the dodgems but they really enjoyed themselves and were laughing away. Afterwards we had fish and chips which was a treat and we have asked if we can go again!

On Sunday we went to church and then some of us had a relaxed afternoon – but lots of the seniors did the D of E practise walk. They had lots of fun – and all got back to school... eventually!


Laser Quest Fun and Elephant Clay Models!

On Friday we went to the acoustic evening in Hobhouse Theatre. Genevieve and Anna were in it – and we were pleased to see Evie perform too - she will always be a boarder to us! It was a really nice evening.

On Saturday we had an indoor laser quest centre visit us, they set it up in our gym. It was huge! It filled the gym and when you were inside it was really dark and there was smoke so that made it really exciting! All of us from Prep 1 - Senior 5 played in it all afternoon. Carla was the best scorer and it was so much fun. Although we were quite tired by the end!

On Sunday, Genevieve, Holly and Maria read in church and the minister let us make candles to show how the light shines. Then we made some clay models with Janine from Jumping Clay. We made elephants this time – they are so cute and we had such a giggle as we followed her instructions. Despite all this we are really looking forward to half term next week - we are so ready to just sleeeeeep!


Chinese New Year Celebrations and muddy walks!

On Friday, Senior 3 went to Options evening where they got to talk to all the teachers and find out more about the GCSE courses so that they can make their choices for next year.  Some of us attended with them as we wanted to help, and afterwards we stayed up and talked about what we had chosen and why and it was actually a really nice evening, although normally we don’t want to talk about school at all on a Friday night!

On Saturday it was the Chinese New Year Celebrations! The Senior 4 and 5 girls got a group together to go to Bath together to get ingredients to make a giant hot pot and whilst they were there the younger boarders went to Highcroft. They got to make traditional soup and dumplings and also coloured in and made roosters. On Thursday we had made origami roosters in the House Activity with Miss Bennett Jones and Mr Lowe so we have loads of them now! Ms Weaver gave the juniors some really cool Chinese light up lanterns too. Then we had some really good Chinese food that the catering team prepared for us especially, and afterwards our Heads of House from both houses explained the story behind Chinese New Year and we found out what year we had been born in. Shakira was born in the year of the rooster too so that was cool! Afterwards the seniors had the hot pot they made- it was such a feast - and Mrs Haddleton organised a film with a Chinese theme and she made us all hot chocolate with whippy cream which was delicious. She let the juniors make a den too to watch it in which they loved.

On Sunday we all went for a walk. We weren’t very keen at first as it was raining – but actually it was really good as it was really funny when we tried to get up the muddy banks. Ricarda had to haul us up one slope as we were all struggling and Serine and Miss Bennett Jones both fell and they were laughing so much about it they fell again! Afterwards we all dried off and had more hot chocolate in the cosy.


Movie night, Baking and Clay modelling!

On Friday we enjoyed girls night in with a movie and snacks which was fun and then on Saturday we met up with friends, played in our matches and did some baking. We needed a relaxed weekend after the mid year tests!

After church on Sunday we did an air dry clay modelling workshop - we made these really cool Zebras - and they looked really good! The lady from Jumping Clay came in and showed us how to do it and she is going to some back in a fortnight to make elephants with us - we will have a safari display by our beds soon!


Quiz Fun, Park Pirate Ship and a Tea Party!

This Friday we all went to the PSA quiz and we really enjoyed it. We weren't very sure it would be fun as we have been doing our mid year test but actually we really got into it and did ok! We had no idea with the tv round though as we don't really watch tv programmes but Alina did know the music for Call the midwife so we got one point!

On Saturday some of us needed to get some bits and bobs, so we went to Yeovil shopping. Mrs Haddleton took the juniors to the park and they loved the huge pirate ship. Mrs Haddleton chased them all pretending to be a dragon which made them squeal and then they pretended to be superheroes on the zip wire.

On Sunday we had church in the morning and then we did our revision and had some downtime in the afternoon. The PSA gave us the leftover cakes from the quiz so we had a tea party and shared them all out - thank you PSA!


Shopping, Skating and Cinderella!

We have had a great weekend! On Friday we watched a Christmas movie in Hobhouse with all the boarders together. Mrs Haddleton made us hot chocolate in special mugs and it was a really good atmosphere.

On Saturday it was the big Christmas trip to Cribbs Causeway. We had so much fun in Cribbs. We went in loads of shops and bought so much stuff. We were going to buy lots of presents for people but kept seeing things we wanted and getting that instead!

It was a bit wet outside but we skated anyway. Charlie and Sacha were effortless – but some of us were really not. Rosie C fell over so many times - it was very funny!

We then went to theatre to see the pantomime, Cinderella and it was so good. They even had real horses on stage! They had two skaters called Torville and Dean who were amazing and did a routine on silks which was really clever.  The show was so funny and it had loads of really good songs in it. Afterwards, loads of us went back to Cumberlege for a sleepover - which was a lot of fun, although we didn’t sleep much!


Christmas has arrived!

On Thursday the Christmas trees came – and we had three! We played Christmas songs and decorated the trees and afterward we sat around the tree and sang 'Away in a Manger' and thought about what we were looking forward to over the Christmas holiday with our families.

On Saturday the juniors went to see Father Christmas - they were really excited! They said the grotto was filled with presents and it was really good. they each got a present. Lola got a magic set and spent the rest of the afternoon trying o do tricks with it! The seniors went to Bath for the Christmas Markets – it was SO busy! It was good though – we feel much more ready now - although we think Cynthia nearly bought all of the Marks and Spencer’s confectionary selection!

We rounded the day off with a trip to see 'Fantastic Beasts' at the cinema. – we loved it. We didn’t know if could come close to Harry Potter – but it did! On the way back we were singing out carols so loudly the bus driver made a wrong turn so we had a scenic tour of Frome!

On Monday Miss Meng came over and we had a German night. We decorated German biscuits and had a special winter drink and then she taught us a traditional German song. It was so lovely doing this in our own cosy around the tree.


Children in Need Quiz, Movie night and Fun on the Dry Slopes! 

On Friday we had a Quiz after supper for Children in Need. All the staff had prepared a round and it was good fun.  We had some picture rounds and some Q and A rounds – and we all know quite a lot it turns out – including that grasshoppers have their ears on their knees! We were shocked to find out the age of some of the Disney Princesses though!

On Saturday the Senior 1-3 enjoyed their social in school and the Senior 4 & 5 girls stayed in and watch the Breakfast Club with Mrs Haddleton. We weren't sure if we would like the film but she was right - we loved it! She made us popcorn too so we all had a great night!

On Sunday we went to Mendip Snow Sport Centre and went skiing - and the juniors went tobogganing. Anna thought she would be terrible as she had only ever snowboarded - but she was amazing! Most of us were beginners so we had a lesson - and it was so much fun. It is such a weird feeling at first to slide, but we got there. The juniors went tobogganing and they really enjoyed it - but they were exhausted as they had to keep climbing up the hill.

We really enjoyed it and we want to go back there again to have some more lessons.


Billy Elliot and Bruton Remembrance Parade

On Friday we went to Bristol Hippodrome to see Billy Elliot. It was a good show and we enjoyed it. There was a technical problem halfway through when the staircase wouldn’t leave the stage so they had to pull down the safety curtain for twenty minutes. It was exciting at first but then we just wanted them to get on with it!

Some girls stayed in House and watched High School Musical Three and had a sing and dance-a-long performance! On Saturday the matches were cancelled – which we were secretly pleased about as we got a lie in!

On Sunday it was the Remembrance Parade and we all went to town to walk in the procession and show our respect. We were very proud that Daisy was a wreath layer with Olivia.

In house the Senior 1 and 2 boarders have been going crazy this week, here are some pictures of what they have been up to in the evenings!


Halloween Celebrations, Fireworks and Sunday Walks!

On Monday we held our Hallowe’en Party. Everyone got dressed up really well and the prize was for the best (homemade) costume. Charlie won and Akesa was runner up –but apparently it was a difficult one to choose as so many people had tried really hard. We played games in the cosy including broomstick balance and pumpkin pop and also we went outside and played flashlight tag which was loads of fun. Then the seniors went off to Old House where Meghan Sherwin had organised a treasure trail – and it was so good! We all squealed as people jumped out and we had to put our hand in squishy things and try to work out what was inside!

On Friday we had a cinema trip which is always good and then on Saturday we went to the fireworks at Sherborne. We had a really good time – Isabella had not seen fireworks before in real life so that made it extra special. We all had a go on one of the games and won a prize and we really enjoyed the toffee apples that Melissa, the cook gave us to take with us!

On Sunday after church we went for walk around Pitcombe. We played Pooh Sticks and tried to talk to the sheep in bleats and we kicked up the leaves with our feet. It was a really nice walk and Genevieve has asked if we can go to Stourhead next week for our walk so we can see the autumn trees there.


Cinema, Museum Visit and Oktoberfest celebrations!

This weekend the seniors went to the cinema on Friday night and the juniors had a sleepover with lots of day girls who came to stay for the night. They had lots of fun, as did we, we ate lots of ice cream and popcorn!

On Saturday after Open Morning we went to Taunton as we are having a  cultural weekend. We had a look at the museum and then afterwards we were allowed to do some shopping. Miss Bennett Jones got her heel caught in the grid in the museum and it was so funny. She had to take her shoes off and Miss Huskins got it free in the end! We all remembered the story of Dido and Aeneas that Miss Bennett Jones had told us a few weeks ago when we had a challenge to make a piece of paper really big – like she had done when she claimed the land for Carthage. It was really cool to see the mosaic – and know what the story was!

In the evening we celebrated Oktoberfest. We all came together in the dining room and first of all we had a toast – with our home grown, home pressed apple juice that Ricarda, Mimosa, Jasmine and Daisy made last week. It was really good  - we've never enjoyed apple juice so much before! Then the kitchen made us some traditional German food – we liked it and we want Ricarda and Alina to cook us some more food in the boarding house now!

On Sunday we got to have lie in and then in the afternoon we went to Hobhouse to watch an art-house film. We watched the Artist. It took a while to get going but then it was really good. The dog in it was really funny – we want one!


Apple Harvest!

This weekend we gathered in the apple harvest with Mr Dowding from Shepton Farm. We worked together and had loads of fun getting all the apples off the trees on Coburn – finally we were allowed to climb the trees - although we still weren’t allowed to the top! We shook the branches and bashed them with long sticks and the apples all went tumbling down the bank for everyone at the bottom to catch, it was fun – but got tiring! Mr Dowding thinks we  gathered in a third of a tonne! Mr Dowding talked to us about the eco system and how re-introducing animals into the food chain can sometimes be the missing link in population control. He explained about why the badgers dug up the ground – and we were pleased to hear they ate the may bug larvae!

In the afternoon Jasmine, Daisy, Ricarda and Mimosa went to his farm with Miss Bennett Jones and they made apple juice. Jasmine and Daisy said the apple crusher sometimes pinged apple out which was funny and they really liked the way the apples all got squished in this big sieve. They got to bottle the juice and see how to pasteurise it, as well as make the boxes. They said it was hard work but good fun. They made enough juice for nearly 400 bottles! Mr Dowding gave them some juice to take back and we are looking forward to trying it next week as part of our Oktoberfest celebrations.


Sensational Sister Act, Harvest Festival Celebrations and Blackberry Picking!

On Friday a group of us went to see Sister Act in Bristol. It was a great performance – but the best bit wasn’t the play! Mrs Hurstwaite knew one of the cast and she gave us a backstage tour and we got to stand on the stage and see how it all comes together. It is really tiny backstage and they don’t have much space. The drummer has to sit in a special sound proofed booth so that he doesn’t deafen everyone and the drums go through the speakers to the audience. Most of the cast are actor musicians and they sing, play and act – sometimes all at the same time! Mrs Hurstwaite's friend had one bit where she has sixteen bars rest and in that tine she has to get changed. Then we got to meet the star of the show - Alexandra Burke. She was so lovely and we got our picture taken with her. Akesa even asked for a selfie and she got one – she didn’t mind at all. BEST THEATRE TRIP EVER!!

On Saturday we started to prepare our soups for the Harvest meal tomorrow. We chopped and peeled SO many vegetables. It was quite good fun actually, we sat round the oak table in the kitchen and talked as we chopped. Andrea made us laugh as she put goggles on whilst she chopped the onions and then we copied her – as it was actually a really good idea!

On Sunday the juniors got up early and made bread rolls with Miss Bennett Jones and we took them to the Methodist Church for their Harvest Festival. Then in the afternoon we all made some rolls so we had fresh bread for supper. We then went blackberry picking – we ate quite a lot and at half time Miss Bennett Jones pointed out we only had enough for about ten people and we needed to feed fifty! So we started to put more in the bowls as well as in our tummies! When we got back we made two HUGE crumbles. Solange stirred the fruit whilst we shared making mountains of crumble topping. We all came together as a community for dinner. Highcroft had made some soups too and a bread centre piece and then we all sat and shared our homemade food and decided which of the six soups we liked the best. It was a really nice evening and we definitely would like to do it again.


Mid Autumn Moon Celebrations, Tumbling and Trapeze Skills!

This week we celebrated the Mid Autumn Moon Festival. On Thursday we went to the dining room early and Kasie (Head of Highcroft) and all her friends explained the story and the traditions. We had some really good Chinese food and then we all wrote down our wishes for the year ahead and the girls helped us translate them into Chinese. After we tied them to the ribbons on our Chinese ribbon wish pole and Kasie taught us how to say “Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival” in Chinese – although we were rubbish, we couldn’t remember all the words!

When we got back the juniors did a dragon dance wearing the masks they made this week with Mrs Haddleton and Miss Corey. Evie, Holly, Shakira, Millie and Izzy had rehearsed it with them and it was actually really good!

This weekend was an active weekend and so on Friday the Seniors went rock climbing in Bristol at Undercover rock. When we saw the walls we got a bit worried but the instructor was really good and we all did it – some better than others! The juniors stayed in and celebrated Solange’s birthday which had been on Tuesday. She had had a cake then to take into school but Miss Huskins made her a proper cake and we enjoyed that and played games – it was good fun!

On Saturday after the matches we went to Bristol again – but this time to do parkour - "Free Running". It was actually really hard – and we all need to work on our strength! We also did some tumbling on their special floor – which was so much fun, we loved that, and then we all had a go on the silks and the trapeze. Holly was the best on the silks – she just swarmed up whereas the rest of us mainly tugged it and tied our legs in knots in it! It was a really good experience and we want to go back when we are stronger!

On Sunday we went to Methodist church and Diana, Yvonne, Genevieve, Holly and Miss Bennett Jones did the reading. Afterwards they gave us cake so we really liked that! Then in the afternoon we were split into three and we all went outside and made scarecrows. It was surprisingly food fun! Abi drew a really good face on their groups and we all laughed when Ms Weaver came over practically wearing Highcroft’s scarecrow!


Pizza, Cheese Tasting and the Boarders Challenge!

This weekend we all focussed on our new boarding community and we started off by not going to dinner in school but instead making pizzas in house. Marcus came from the Big Bang Pizza Company and he showed us how to make pizza bases and then oversaw us cutting up the vegetables for the toppings. At first we didn’t want to touch the dough because it was sticky – but it was actually lots of fun! Diana made the best round base – everyone else’s was wonky! We then cooked them in a wood fired oven that Marcus put in Cumberlege garden. It was SO good! Really tasty.

On Saturday after sport we went to the Frome Cheese Show. The juniors were keen to show off their bravery in holding the birds and reptiles that could be held. Evelyne in particular who was the most hesitant out of all, held a bird and touched the snakes and blue tongue lizard - so we were all really impressed with her.

On Sunday we had the annual Boarders Challenge, which was the best one yet! We had a series of physical and mental challenges to overcome, from the "Triangle of Life", where we had to get a water, food and communication device to each island without touching the floor or leaving our island and only using a rope and a bucket, to the "Spider's Web" where we had to get our whole team on the other side of the poisonous spider's web without touching it! There were lots of others too and all the games' points equalled seconds off in a final obstacle/treasure hunt. It was really intense! Afterwards we had chocolate cake in house as a treat - next time we would like seconds and thirds please!


Cosy Cumberlege Cottage

The junior boarders are settling in well to Cumberlege cottage, and we asked some of the girls - How are you finding your new home? Solange said, "It's cosy and comfortable, whilst Jasmine said, "It has lovely views", and Daisy said, "It’s amazing and wonderful!" The girls also took part in an ice breaker challenge to get to know one another, in the form of a 'getting to know you Bingo'. We found out who thinks Iron Man is the best super hero and who spent the summer in Italy. Genevieve was the winner and enjoyed some Haribo sweets as her prize. The girls have lots of fun activities planned for this weekend, including; pizza making, the Frome Cheese Show and Sunday is the annual boarders challenge.


Glastonbury Festival comes to Bruton!

With exams well and truly over we all decided on Friday to settled down and watch a movie in the cosy with popcorn and coke under our duvets. Saturday morning we woke up and had to get busy for our boarders lunch. In order to celebrate the national boarding week each house cooked a course for our lunch and Cumberlege was lucky enough to be given puddings! We made Strawberry cheese cakes, Raspberry muffins, salted caramel chocolate brownies and fruit salad. It was great fun, if a bit stressful making them all but it was even nicer watching all the other houses enjoying eating them. Old Vic had made lovely coronation chicken and rice and high croft made dumplings and spicy levels eggs. It really was such a nice atmosphere sharing food together.

In the afternoon we set off for one last shopping trip to buy some summer outfits to take home and then the weekend was finished on Sunday with the Bruton Summer Gathering organised by Miss Weaver and Mrs Haddleton. The idea was for those of us not lucky enough to attend Glastonbury Festival to have a taste of it here. We attended a sound bath, which involved us lying on the floor with our eyes closed and our bodies being vibrated by all of the different instruments, it was amazingly calming and some of us fell asleep! We had falafel and ice cream served from a stall by the staff. We had delicious Chai tea and hot apple chai and enjoyed wand making, face painting, hair braiding and play doh. To finish the day, awards were given out for the best face paint and wand. It really was a little taste of Glastonbury in Bruton. 


Super Hero Cinema Trip and Revision

Last Friday some of us went to the cinema to watch 'X-Men: Apocalypse'. Our super hero and Marvel comic fans were all super excited and wouldn't stop telling us all how good it was. The majority of the rest of the weekend was spent revising in Cumberlege, we all hope we will achieve our expected results. Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Exams, D of E Expedition and Eurovision!

Last Friday we had an evening swim in the pool again, which was really relaxing before the exams start next week. On Saturday some of us went on our final DofE expedition in Frome. The weather was much better than the practice expedition before, which means we didn't have to sleep in the tents on a freezing cold night. Although we got lost a few times because of the confusing field boundaries and curious bulls, we all passed it with huge smiles on our faces.

On Saturday night the rest of us went down to the cosy to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with European cheeses and meats. We had to grade the candidates and the person who graded the winner of Eurovision the highest would win an iTunes voucher. We had such a good time listening to people from different countries singing and grading their performances. We stayed in the cosy for about 2 hours and really enjoyed this house activity. We look forward to watching again next year. As the Ukraine won Eurovision and Sherry graded them the highest among all of us she was rewarded with a fifteen pounds iTunes card. Well done Sherry! Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Lots of Revision, with a Music Concert and Swimming to Relax

We had a busy week revising this week, but we didn't forget to relax also. Some of us went swimming on Friday evening in the school pool, as the weather was quite warm, it was lovely in the cool water. We went to Concert in the Courts social at Sherborne School on Saturday. We had a lot of fun jamming to pop songs and bonding with new friends. Although we were so exhausted by the end of the night, we really didn't want to leave as it was such a fabulous night. We definitely want to go again! Diana Zhu, Senior 4 


Shopping and Socials!

We had a fantastic day shopping in Bath on Saturday, we left at around 2pm by train. When we arrived we split up into small groups and started shopping. We went to many different shops, like H&M, New Look, Boots and Primark etc. After two hours of crazy shopping, we went to our meeting point which was opposite the train station. We left at 6pm and took the train back to Bruton. We were all exhausted when we got back to the boarding house, but we are definitely looking forward to going to Bath again soon! Whilst we were relaxing after our trip to Bath. Senior 5 had lots of fun getting ready and attending the Sherborne School social. The girls said, "we felt awkward to begin with as it was the first Sherborne social but this one was brilliant, we played football, table tennis and pool and made lots of new friends." Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Musicals, Mud and Minus 2!

Last Friday, lots of boarders travelled to Bristol Hippodrome to watch the sensational musical Mamma Mia. It was fantastic! The songs filled the whole theatre and everyone sang along with the wonderful actors. My favourite song was Honey Honey and I loved the actress that played Donna.

Our D of E (Duke of Edinburgh) practice expedition was definitely a memorable experience, and although we had some uncomfortable experiences (sleeping in -2 degrees!) we had a lot of fun and lots of exercise! Our feet ached afterwards, but it was worth it because we learnt from our mistakes so next time will be even better! Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Social, Spring Concert and Easter Crafts

This week we had so many fun activities. On Saturday, Senior 5 had a social with another school, which was amazing and exciting, all of Senior 5 had a fantastic evening.

The next day, which was Sunday, all of us in Cumberlege made our own personalized bunny ears with some colour paper and cotton, which looked utterly cute and the bunny ears made us feel really united as a team.

On Wednesday evening we had a spring concert, which consisted of a variety of groups, such as the orchestra, choir, soul group and vocal solos. A lot of the girls in Cumberlege took part in the spring concert, and everyone who performed did a great job and like Mrs Botterill said everyone who attended the concert must have had an amazing night.
Serine Liu, Senior 4


Movie night, Exercise and Drama performances

This Saturday the boarders all watched movies in the cosy together as usual. Senior 5 watched 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and Senior 4 watched 'Ex Machina' with two massive bowls of popcorn.

Starting from this week, the boarders under 16 in Cumberlege can go to the gym every Sunday from 3pm - 4pm as a member of staff is now available to go with us. Most of us went this Sunday as 'the first movers' and found it not only can it keep us fit but also let us have some fun after a week's hard work. 

On Wednesday night quite a few of us went to support the GCSE Drama examined performance, 'The Good, The Bag and the Ghostly' and 'The Terminal'. They were absolutely brilliant!

For the house activity on Thursday we made a start on our paintings for the house and they are going very well so far.


D of E prep and Canvas Competition begins!

This Saturday Senior 5 watched a film and made some more pies again which according to them, were very tasty. On Sunday some of the Senior 4 girls went on a practice DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) expedition. We have been doing First Aid training and pitching tents before the actual walk to practice our teamwork. The walk was a really good experience because we could only rely on maps and compasses which made us cooperate and communicate more with each other.

During this week's house activity we planned for our canvas competition. We split into 4 teams in total, 2 Senior 4 teams and 2 Senior 5 teams. Each team had to decide how their canvas is going to look and what theme we are going to use. Since there were no limitations for our themes, the ideas of each team will probably turn out to be very different. Each of the team found a comfortable spot to work on their canvas, such as around the table, on the sofa and in the kitchen. Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Chinese New Year and Bush tucker trials!

This weekend some of us went off to see Bad Grandpa at the movies. It had terrible reviews but we were all in stitches laughing! Then on Sunday we celebrated Chinese New Year in style. First we went over to Highcroft for a dumpling workshop and we made small little dumplings out of rice flour and put small cubes of raw brown sugar in the middle for a little crunch, the dumplings were then cooked in ginger which gave them such a nice taste. We then watched an episode of 'Fresh of the boat' which was a really funny for those of us that are of that nationality as it makes fun of how people misunderstand our traditions but it was also really educational for other boarders who could learn about our traditions. We finished up by eating our lovely dumplings while making red fish for a display in the dining hall. Red is the lucky colour of good fortune in China. In Cumberlege we carried on the celebrations with a home made Chinese hot pot and sat around our lovely farm house kitchen table chatting and sharing good food. Last night we also had a great house activity that pitched Senior 4 against Senior 5. We had various challenges in our groups to complete; eating a dry Weetabix, the quest which Jaime won, transferring sweetcorn from one dish to another using just a tooth pick which Hermione won and at this point Senior 5 were in the lead. Then we had the longest Yoga tree pose which was a joint win for Yolanda in Senior 4 and Sharon in Senior 5 but then Senior 4 started to gain control. Amy won the most marshmallows in your mouth game and Hermione then pulled it back for Senior 5 with the fastest eggs being put in egg cups with your feet challenge. Overall though Senior 4 won! It was so much fun and some hard challenges that made us giggle!


Cookie creations and birthday celebrations!

This Sunday we had two cookie making sessions for both Senior 4 and 5. Mrs Haddleton printed out the recipe and bought us the ingredients so all we had to do was to make the cookies and have some fun! At first we weren't quite prepared and mixed the flour and sugar together which wasn't a very good idea but Mrs Haddleton helped us to solve the problem. Apart from that, the whole session went really well and we finished all the thirty cookies in three minutes!

On Monday during house activity, we celebrated Jonelle's and Sherry's birthdays. We switched the lights off, lit the candles and sang them the birthday song. After taking a photo of the birthday girls, they blew out the candles and each of us ate a slice of chocolate birthday cake which was mouth-wateringly amazing. Diana Zhu and Serine Lui, Senior 4 


Pie making

We had an amazing house activity on Wednesday. We had to split into 4 groups, and make our own pies with a theme and name them accordingly. For example, we created, Cosy Pie, Exam Pie and Fat and Happy Pie. We had many different ingredients, such as chocolate, cheese, bananas, cream, bacon etc. Every pie was unique and they all looked mouth-wateringly good! Only one pie could win the first prize, which went to Waiting for Summer Pie. It had lots of different types of berries in it which looked wonderful and tasted good too! Diana Zhu, Senior 4   


A taste of France!

Most of the students have finished their mid-year exams on Thursday, so Miss Marie kindly hosted a French night and we had such a fun night. We started off by having French toast with banana, which was delicious. Then we had a little quiz about France, being asked about the towns, streets, actors, famous stores…etc. After that we sang a French song which everyone enjoyed! It is great for us to have many different nationalities in the boarding house, so we can get to know different cultures, discovering what they eat and what their traditions are. It broadens our knowledge and sometimes even changes our points of view. Therefore we all look forward to the next nationality night.


Revision, revision, revision!

As the Senior 5 mock exams and the mid-year exams for Senior 4 are happening, boarders in Cumberlege were all working hard revising over the weekend. However some girls went to the cinema to watch 'Daddy's Home' on Friday just to have a relaxing break. 


Cultural evenings and Christmas arrives in Cumberlege

Over the last week we have enjoyed two cultural evenings. One Spanish night when all the Spanish girls got together and made a traditional Spanish omelette for the house and shared the ham they brought from home which everybody found absolutely delicious. We did a bit of Spanish dance and although some of us struggled, we all enjoyed ourselves. On Wednesday we had a German night. Our German assistant Hannah and Louisa from Senior 5 organised it elaborately. We decorated ginger bread hearts. Whilst doing this we enjoyed lots of kinds of German Christmas biscuits. After we finished decorating we sat together and sang a famous Christmas song in German called 'Das Weihnachtsbäckerei' which means the Christmas bakery. We learned it really quickly. At the end Hannah announced the three winners of the decoration competition. The winners were Charlotte for the most original, Joenelle for the most beautiful and me (Diana) for the most authentic. We had sweets as prices.

Because it's nearly Christmas, everyone in the house was excited about it and we decorated two Christmas trees and the whole boarding house together with lots of baubles, stockings and colourful Christmas tinsel during the week. It has been great fun and to top it off we visited the Bath Christmas markets on Saturday to get us into the festive spirit. It was really buy, but we managed to do some Christmas shopping. Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Saturday morning Zumba!

On Saturday morning, we had an activity called Zumba, which involves many categories of dances, such as hip-hop, salsa, and soca. We had great fun learning different dance moves from our Zumba teacher, who was really nice and friendly. We danced along to many popular songs, for example, 'Timber' by Pitbull and Kesha was one of them. It was such a good activity to energise our morning, because dancing wakes us up and motivates us to get things done. It is also a fun and easy way to exercise. Although we felt extremely tired afterwards, we definitely enjoyed doing it and we look forward to Zumba again soon. Serine Liu, Senior 4


Mary Poppins is a big hit! 

Some girls from Cumberlege went to watch ‘Mary Poppins’ at the Bristol Hippodrome on Saturday evening. It was a musical about Mary Poppins - a magical nanny who sweeps in to the Banks' home on Cherry Tree Lane and takes charge of the Banks' children. They sang all the songs from the original movie like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, A Spoonful of Sugar and so on. At the end Mary Poppins came back and the family was altogether. ‘I enjoyed every minute of the play and the staging was so amazing!’ said Maria from Senior 5.
On Sunday some of us had a break from the busy week of performing in the school plays ‘King Lear’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Some of us went into town and the rest stayed in house to play on the Wii together.


Exciting Sherborne Social and fireworks

Most of Senior 5 went to Sherborne Boys for dinner with Mr Reid and Mrs Davies on Saturday. They had a three course meal including cheese and bread, seasonal vegetables with mashed potatoes and pork chops. For dessert they had chocolate tart with cherry sauce. During each course, every boy had to move two places to the right, so the girls had new people to talk to throughout the night. Also, there was a guest lecturer who used to be a teacher at Sherborne Boys spoke about masonry. "It was a really fun night and we made some new acquaintances." said Joenelle from Senior 5.

Meanwhile, the other girls went to watch the fireworks display at Sherborne Castle. We walked around and visited nearly every stall there. We bought our own dinner and some candy floss for everybody to share. Some of us went on a ride and enjoyed ourselves. At last, the wonderful fireworks put a perfect ending to the evening. Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Happy Halloween

On Monday, which was the first day of school after we came back from half term, we had a Halloween party. In the evening all the boarders in Cumberlege dressed up in crazy Halloween costumes and had their faces painted. We went to Old House and split into four groups. First, the smallest person in each group had to be wrapped up like a mummy with gauze and have a race. The four ‘mummies’ ran so funnily that it made everybody laugh! After listening to a scary story told by Monique from Highcroft we had a ghost walk in Old House. Every group had to find three different coloured chips in the rooms with creepy decorations and escape from the house. There were a lot of people screaming which made the atmosphere even tenser. When we all safely arrived back at Cumberlege we decorated pizzas. The winners of the night were Senior 5 for the scariest pizza and the best costume prize was given to Amy and Sherry. Diana Zhu, Senior 4




Shopping in Bath!

On Saturday we went to Bath to do some shopping. Everyone was really excited, as we had plans for what to buy a week ago! We stayed in Bath for three hours, then went back for dinner. It was a little bit tiring but we all had great fun and bought what we wanted. In the meantime, some boarders who are in the choir attended the concert with Old Girls. The performance was brilliant.



On Sunday we had a lie in because the church trip had been cancelled. After dinner the sun set was extremely beautiful so we stayed outside for a long time and took lots of amazing photographs.        Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Oktoberfest celebrations and dance-offs!

We have been celebrating a lot of cultures in boarding recently; first we had the mid-autumn moon festival where we enjoyed lovely Chinese food in the Dining Hall, followed by lantern making and riddle solving! Then we celebrated Oktoberfest with sizzling sausages and apple/lemonade substitute for beer! It was a lovely meal and afterwards we had ice cream and treats in house and watched Easy A, as this was the reward for Senior 4 who won this week’s house get together Lip sync battle. Mrs Haddleton praised our awesome dancing to, “All about the bace.” Senior 5 were very funny but had not really practiced at all, their rendition of “We will rock you” by Queen. They will have to improve if they want to beat us in future! Diana Zhu, Senior 4


Relaxation and Paintballing fun!

For our house activity this week we had a giant game of pictionary! It was so frustrating as some of us new the answers but not in English! It was a great team building exercise. After such a busy weekend last weekend we all enjoyed a relaxing Friday night in-house. Some of the girls watched television, while others cooked and chatted in the kitchen. We needed to relax and prepare for the paintball battle on Saturday! On Saturday afternoon we hit Skirmish paintball in Warminster. We had two teams, the gap students were on the red team and Mrs Haddleton was on the blue team. In the first game we were all too scared of being shot, so nobody won! The next two games the reds won and the last game saw victory to the blues team. It was so much fun, but very tiring! That evening we were all exhausted, and enjoyed lying in front of the TV watching X Factor. On Sunday we went to the Methodist Church service and Sherry did an excellent reading. Mrs Haddleton, Senior Housemistress


S'mores, Singing and Boarders' Challenge

On Friday evening the girls joined together around the camp fire in the cutting area, enjoying damper, a traditional Australian soda bread made by Jaime Parsons and marshmallow s'mores with digestive biscuits and chocolate spread. They also enjoyed a game of 'my most embarrassing memory' which was a great way to get to know each other. The evening finished snuggled on the sofas in the boarding house watching a film. 

On Saturday the girls enjoyed a shopping trip to Yeovil and the weekend was concluded with the annual Boarders' challenge! The girls had great fun taking part in 7 different activities, testing them mentally and physically and were all exhausted by the end of the day.


Fun and games with our new boarders

Cumberlege welcomed their new boarders with a getting to know you game of bingo, which saw the new girls buzzing around the cosy trying to find someone who had seen the film Ponyo and someone that had been to America. Jaime Parsons won! Then the girls all played the flour game, where each person had to cut away a piece of the flour cake without knocking the smartie off the top, because if the smartie fell down they had to retrieve it with their teeth! It was a great way to get to know each other and we look forward to lots more fun with the Boarders' Challenge this weekend.


Theme Park Rides and Circus Tricks

On Friday, we had a quiet night in and all reminisced about what a fantastic year it has been! It is always lovely to share our favourite memories.

Saturday was an early start for a lot of us as we were off to Thorpe Park for rides galore! Our throats were sore by the end of the day due to all our screaming on the rollercoasters.

On Sunday, the Shooting Stars Company ran a Circus skills workshop for us. Joey was a pro juggler and Johanna an expert on the stilts! It was such a good day and we learnt so many tricks.

We can’t believe the year is over already but we are looking forward to our final GCSE year in September and another year of boarding fun!



Monopoly, Movies and Our House Guest, Meme

This weekend, Cumberlege started the epic process of packing up for the summer holidays - it's come around so quickly! On Friday evening, we gathered in the cosy for a game of monopoly followed by watching the film ‘Despicable Me’ chosen by our Old Vic guest, Meme.

On Saturday, some girls went into Bruton and had a nice day out while others started packing their rooms up and did some baking. In the evening, we gathered in the cosy to watch ‘Bad Neighbours’ and ‘Magic Mike' whilst tucking into the tasty treats made earlier!

On Sunday, we had a lovely long lie in, which many of us needed! After a delicious brunch, we headed over to the school to watch the Charity Tennis Match in the sunshine. All in all, it was a lovely relaxing weekend.


Let’s Celebrate – Exams are Over!

On Friday, Senior 5 had a leaving sleepover party to celebrate the end of exams and to say goodbye to the international boarders who were leaving the next day. Much fun was had mattress surfing and eating as many ‘smorze’ as we could, before snuggling down to watch a movie in the cosy.

Whilst Senior 5 caused mayhem, the Senior 4s enjoyed a rather delicious meal of pomegranate chicken with their parents and teachers at the ‘careers week’ dinner.

On Saturday, Sherry and Jamie returned to the boarding house with smiles on their faces as they had won their tennis match against Leweston. We said a sad goodbye to the international students and continued to celebrate exams being over, trying to remember how we filled our time before revision! Sherry Deng, Senior 4


Sunny Sundays

It was a quiet weekend in Cumberlege as Senior 5 still have their heads down for the last revision stretch and many of the Senior 4s ventured off on their DofE expedition weekend.

On Sunday, the boarders helped out at Mrs Haddleton’s charity event, Josh’s Family Fun Heart Day. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we enjoyed soaking up the music, gorging on burgers and ice creams whilst helping run the cake stall, the ‘name the elephant’ game and doing face painting. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon!

A special thank you from Mrs Haddleton, Housemistress, for the girls’ help and general support of BSG, the event raised a total of £1000 for the British Heart Foundation.


Revision, Games and Goodbyes!

The weekend kicked off with a cinema trip to the long awaited ‘Pitch Perfect 2’! Almost the entire house went (which is rare!) and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We were driving Miss Haddy crazy singing songs all night long!

On Saturday, there were lots of SHOGA Old Girls touring the school, so we had a picnic outside Cumberlege which was a lovely break from revision. It was lovely to see the Old Girls were still friends after all this time. They were talking about making toast and watching Top Gun in the cosy, so not much has changed apart from the film choice!

After a Saturday devoted to revision Mrs Haddy got us all together on Sunday to spend some time relaxing together. We played the ‘stick the names on your head’ game, which involved us writing famous people on bits of paper and the sticking them on our friend’s head and then them having to guess who it was.

We also said goodbye to our Australian exchange student Rilley this week who has been staying with Hermione, we will miss her so much! We celebrated by playing the Chocolate game, where you have to eat chocolate using a knife and folk and the flour game where you have to cut round a mound of flour with a smartie on top without the mound collapsing, otherwise you have to dive in to get the smartie out with your teeth! We finished the evening with wink murder and truth or dare.


Summer Socials

On Thursday evening the Senior 5’s had their Good Luck Summer Social on the Magnolia Lawn.

A large inflatable arena had been organised along with sumo suits, which was a great hit! The girls spent most of the evening battling each other in one of the many outdoor games.

After a delicious BBQ, the evening was topped off with a movie in Hobhouse. 

On Friday evening, we all gathered in the cosy to watch ‘The Women in Black’ which was really scary, so afterwards we watched the new ‘Spider Man’ movie too!

On Saturday morning, some of us joined the juniors in Yeovil for some shopping, but most of us stayed in the house and cracked on with some revision. In the evening, we had been invited to Sherborne School for a social, ‘Concert on the Courts’. It was an amazing night which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

On Sunday, after a morning of revision, we listened to the Buddhist story ‘Two Bricks’ with Mrs Haddy, which is about focusing on all the good in your life and helping you to clear your mind. Perfect, as we start exams this week!


May Day Fun

The weekend kicked off with Valarie and Almu enjoying some traditional folk dancing with the Old Vic girls and a warm hot chocolate when their feet got tired out! The rest of us watched ‘Pitch Perfect’ in preparation for the next film.

Saturday was tennis day for Jamie, Ying and Rielly. They came back with smiles on their face having won against Stonar School. The rest of the day was filled with revision but we all had a break for some May Day fun – bouncing on the bouncy castle, connect 4 battles and a barbeque in the evening. When we returned, Jonelle treated us to some yummy brownies and we watched ‘Walle’ in the cosy.

We finished the weekend off with a service at our favourite church and a relaxing day in the house. Oh, apart from the girls who were up early for their DofE Expedition!


Retail Therapy, Movie Nights and Lip Syncing Battles

Girls ventured to the cinema on Friday night to watch the new ‘Avengers’ film, all coming back saying it was amazing, although I think Chris Hemsworth may have had something to do with this opinion!

Saturday was time to shop at Cabot Circus, Bristol. Those on the trip came back with lots of new stuff! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer us up and give us a much needed break from revision.

On Sunday, a couple of girls went to Stonehenge and took advantage of being able to see the amazing historical landmark up close and personal, and what better tour guide than our very own resident archaeologist Miss Bennett Jones! The rest of us stayed at Cumberlege for a mixture of revision, fun and games. We played ‘don’t show your teeth’ with Mrs Haddleton which caused lots of laughter and Joey was crowned winner. In preparation for our house get together on Wednesday evening, we watched (and practiced!) lip sync battles to get some ideas. The Senior 5 girls obviously paid more attention as they won by lip syncing to Ylvis’ ‘What does the fox say’. They made a huge effort, dressing up and everything but Senior 4 are now very determined to win next time! Hermione Williams, Senior 4


Yummy Fluffy Bunny Fun!

On Friday night, some of the girls went to the local Chinese to celebrate Valerie’s 16th birthday, before joining everyone at the cutting for the first campfire of the term.

We toasted marshmallows and added them to digestive biscuits and chocolate spread to make our own version of ‘Smorz’. Leah and Imogen went head to head in a game of fluffy bunny. Imogen beat Leah with the winning score of 10 marshmallows! Mrs Haddleton then took on Miss Newton and Miss Newton won!

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly studding in the glorious sunshine. Some girls went to do their DofE practice expedition and came back sunburnt and ready to jump straight into bed on Saturday evening!



End of Term Chill Out

Friday night saw a trip to the cinema where some of us watched the ‘Second Greatest Marigold Hotel’ which was hilarious, and others saw the ‘Weepy War’ film.

On Saturday, we were mostly finishing off packing and getting our final bits of work done before Easter, making sure that we know exactly what we are going to do in our three weeks of exam preparation.

On Saturday night, some of us went and supported the Sixth Form Ball. It was brilliant to see them all in their fancy dress and enjoying themselves. They all had to dress in something that began with the first letter of their name - Katie Roberts was a kite, this was a particularly well made costume; Julia Robbins's jelly fish was also particularly good. All in all everyone had put in an enormous effort and it gave us some food for thought for our fancy dress social next year!

Sunday we had no church, as we are going on Friday. This meant that we had a lovey lie in, and could chill out and catch up with our friends before we all go our separate ways at the end of term for a while. Coco and Joey spent some time working on their Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith mash up which is sounding brilliant.

We are all very much looking forward to Easter now, and we wish you all a restful and fun break too!


Senior 5 Dance the Night Away!

This weekend was definitely one for celebration. Starting immediately after school on Friday where a coach load of us went to Bristol to see the critically acclaimed musical ‘Wicked’. It was wonderful, we were so thrilled to be listening and watching such talented actors and actresses and finally finding out what happened before ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Some of us popped to Morrison’s to pick up supplies for the Charity Ball - it was hilarious as obviously we have never catered for 80 people before so working out what we needed to get was rather difficult!! We left with 3 trolleys full of stuff that barely fitted into Miss James’s car, at this point the excitement was definitely building.

Saturday was full of excitement with preparation for our Charity Ball. An enormous effort had been put in prior to the Ball. We spent 2 hours preparing food such as skewering pineapples with cheese and cooking over a hundred sausages. The majority of us helped to set up the hall and our brilliant DJ, Imogen Tate, did a wonderful job on the music. We really enjoyed the company of the older girls who kindly came back to help. At around 7.30pm, everyone turned up excited, having dressed up beautifully. There were around 80 people, both boys in handsome suits and girls in pretty dresses. The colourful lighting in the hall reflected on our glamorous ball dresses and the beat of the music instantly put us into a dancing mood.

We all enjoyed the ball immensely, thanks to the effort most of us had put into preparation and the help of the Sixth Form!


Cumberlege Jigsaw Challenge

This wonderful 2000 piece jigsaw was completed by Julie Simon, the resident French Language Assistant, and pupils of  Cumberlege House. Completed in record time the colourful puzzle depicts a massive variety of highly coloured Marine life living in a coral reef. Measuring an impressive 98cm x 75cm it proved quite a challenge to finish but worth the effort.
Cumberlege House usually has a lovely jigsaw puzzle on the go in the cosy, so if anyone would like to drop in, say hello and help us complete the jigsaw in progress you will  always be made very welcome. Mrs Macfarlane, Housemistress



Quiz, Train, Laugh, Sleep

This weekend was filled with non-stop action in Cumberlege. Friday evening some of us were entertained by the annual PSA Quiz, as per usual not failing to provide an evening of great fun, lots of cake and confused looks from all the adults in the ‘Boy band’ round! Miss James and Miss Bennett Jones wilfully joined a team full of Junior boarders, who quite impressively won the practical round but lost every other round (unfortunately Biology and Classics did not feature much in the quiz!)

On Saturday morning many people went off to Warminster at an unearthly hour to represent the school at netball with mixed results. But they had no time to catch their breath as it was a quick turnaround for an afternoon of shopping in Yeovil town centre which was well deserved.

On Sunday, some of us had the usual entertainment of the Duke of Edinburgh training day, but even after getting lost many a time and being covered in mud from the waist down we laughed and smiled through the day that Mr Brown had put together for us. The others attended church at St. Mary’s Church in Bruton. Sunday afternoon was no surprise, time to relax, after an exhausting weekend! Jaime Parsons, Senior 4


War Horse is a galloping success!

This weekend was a busy one in Cumberlege,  the much anticipated trip to see Warhorse went out on Saturday night and Girls were involved in various activities to do with the Chinese New Year.

For the first weekend in a while, it was dry and the sun shone, this put girls in good spirits for the weekend.  Many girls left for the cinema on Friday after school with the girls having the option to see one of three films this week out of: Big Hero 6, Kinsman Secret Service and The Interview. It was a good way to start the weekend and girls returned in time to get a good night sleep in time for a busy day ahead.

Saturday was a busy day, with most of the girls involved in sport or going to see friends for birthday celebrations.  We were also treated to  the musical delights of Coco and Joey who were practicing their double act for their set at Glastonbury this year.


On Saturday evening it was the trip to see War Horse at the Bristol Hippodrome. The play version of War Horse was brilliantly adapted from the novel by Michael Morpurgo, and the mechanical horses in the production were amazing; as were the people who had to control them! The actors also captured the story and meaning of the novel, bringing people together with their love of horses, showing both sides of  WW1 that Joey (the horse) witnessed. The set was minimal but effective, using projection to set a scene and mechanical animals, like birds, horses and a comical goose. Overall it was a fun and enjoyable evening filled with tears and laughter, a highly recommended 5/5 stars play that is a must see!

A very sunny Sunday involved a Chinese dumpling making workshop to start our celebrations of Chinese New Year at BSG.  Excellently demonstrated by Angela and Eunice, they showed us how to make both sweet and savoury dumplings, with meat, vegetables, peanuts and honey wrapped in rice pastry.  A yummy afternoon!


Let's Shop 'til we Drop!

Friday night was a movie night at the house with most of Senior 4 down in the cosy with Miss James relaxing after a busy week of revision and exams. Meanwhile, Senior 5 were mainly relaxing but also revising for the last of their Mock Examinations in the week ahead.

On Saturday, there were Netball fixtures for Senior 4 and 5, and a trip to Taunton, which was a major success. Girls travelled by train, looked around the museum for a few hours and headed out shopping for the rest of the day.

On Saturday, the older girls enjoyed their shopping trip to Bath, despite one group missing the train by only a few seconds, leaving them to wait another hour until they could shop their socks off!

Some girls brought themselves food from nice restaurants and enjoyed a well-deserved rest.  It was obvious they had a very successful shopping spree when arriving back to Cumberlege with a lot of shopping bags!

On Saturday night, girls from Senior 5 helped Miss James with the preparation of Mrs Hurstwaite's son’s birthday party which was held in Hobhouse. Many breathless moments for the girls as they blew up a large amount of balloons and wrapped presents for Henry's birthday party. Then we sat and watched a 90’s classic ‘Clueless’. The night was full of laughter and was lots of fun.

On Sunday, it was an early, cold start for the church service in Pitcombe, so all the girls wrapped up extremely warm for a brisk walk from the school to the church. It was a very enjoyable service, with lots of candles to symbolise the "Candlemas" conclusion. After church, girls in Cumberlege did some revision or left over prep till brunch. Some girls in Senior 5 did their revision in the cosy and watched "Mission Impossible". After a nice relaxing weekend the girls all seemed to want an early night, so the house was completely asleep come 10pm! Leah Morris, Senior 5


Highcroft Sleepover!

Last weekend was an exeat, so we all went to stay in Highcroft. On Friday night, the housemistress invited us to watch “War Horse” and everyone enjoyed it so much. The rooms we stayed in have been refurbished and they are really well designed and furnished.

On Saturday, we all made a pasta bake for lunch at the house and a group of us played pool in the cosy. In the evening, we had a Chinese takeaway and it was so delicious! After that, we gathered round and played Monopoly for several hours. We all had a fantastic time!

We really liked the atmosphere in Highcroft because the staff were very welcoming.
Amber, Kasie, Sabrina


Did someone say 'Birthday Noodles'?

Friday night was a movie night at the house with most of Senior 4 down in the cosy with Miss James relaxing after a busy week of revision and exams. Meanwhile, Senior 5 were mainly relaxing but also revising for the last of their Mock Examinations in the week ahead.

On Saturday, there were Netball fixtures for Senior 4 and 5, and a trip to Taunton, which was a major success. Girls travelled by train, looked around the museum for a few hours and headed out shopping for the rest of the day.

After the return of the trip, Sherry, a Senior 4 student, made her birthday noodles for an early birthday treat for everyone. Some Senior 5 girls went to ‘the Chapel’ to revise with hot chocolates and coffee which seemed like a great success with the change of environment.

On Sunday, we all attended a Church service at St Mary's in the morning followed by a lovely brunch. The rest of the day was full of revision and relaxation, refuelling for the week ahead!Leah Morris, Senior 5


A lazy weekend of revision, exercise and a cinema trip.

Friday night was movie night at the weekend, with all the boarders taking a trip to the cinema. Some of us went to see Into the Woods which is an American Musical Fantasy Film-Johnny Depp was a must see! Others chose to see the Theory of Everything which details the life of Stephen Hawking. It gave a great insight into the struggles that faced both he and his family with motor neurone disease. This was quite inspiring.

Saturday saw us able to have a lie in and get organised with our structured revision sessions! Some of us had the opportunity to play our first matches of the term which were against Downside. Senior 4 had an outstanding win which we were all buzzing about when we came back to house. What a great start to the term! Some of the Senior 5 had been selected to play for the 1st VII Netball and were really excited as we ventured out on the bus with the Sixth Form.

On Sunday Morning, we started the day with church and then in the afternoon decided to get some fresh air to wake us up and reinvigorate us for more revision. Some of us ventured as far as the gym for our daily work out. We have now even made space for a rowing machine in Cumberlege, soon we will all be competing against each other!


Arts and Crafts followed by shopping, ice skating and a trip to the Panto!

On Thursday, everyone gathered in the dining room with oranges, candles and lots of ribbon to make Christingles for the boarders’ advent service this evening.

This got us in the spirit for the very festive weekend ahead. On Friday night, all the girls gathered in Hobhouse to watch Nativity. A relaxing but funny evening before a busy day on Saturday, where loads of us set off to Cribbs Causeway to do Christmas shopping, ice skating and watch the fantastic pantomime, Dick Whittington.

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon making Christmas crafts and baking and decorating fairy cakes. Miss James


A whole boarding cinema trip!

On Friday evening, girls from all three houses went to the cinema where we could watch either Paddington, the Imitation Games or the Hunger Games Mockingjay – part 1. Saturday followed with a busy day of work for most, finishing end of term assignments, whilst the others went off to play Hockey after lunch on Saturday afternoon. In the evening, everyone sat down and watched James Bond’s Sky Fall.

Sunday was another busy day of working on end of term homework. All in all, a busy weekend of work all round!


Arts Week, Children in Need and Countryside Walks

We all participated in this years World Book Character day, where girls (and Tilly!) dressed up as charcters from Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and many more old classics.

The busy week finished with a boarding quiz for Children in Need. The girls worked together in teams of mixed years to answer a wide variety of questions and it was a great to see the community coming together in fun and friendly rivalry! Some of us then stayed up and to watch Children in Need.

Saturday was a surprisingly productive day with lots of work achieved - the downside to this is that I have very little to write about! The girls regularly gravitated downstairs however to chat in the kitchen, and in the evening we watched a film.

On Sunday morning some girls went to the Methodist Church in Bruton. After brunch, girls went out walking whilst others visited the gym and practiced their instruments in the music school.

After a very busy couple of weeks we are all very much looking forward to exeat next weekend!


Halloween at Cumberlege

Cumberlege and Highcroft celebrated Halloween on Monday night after half term with doughnuts, cookies and a very long piece of string! Everyone is now already getting excited for Christmas.

On Saturday the fixtures were cancelled due to poor weather but everyone was looking forward either to the trip to Sherborne Castle to see the fireworks in the evening or the Sixth Form Ball and so the day passed speedily in preparation and also enjoying various games and crafts in houses.

On Sunday morning all of the boarders went to the Remembrance parade. In the afternoon we went over to school to help clear up after the ball, making fairly good time - although rearranging the tables in the dining room proved to be a far more difficult task than anticipated! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Movies, Hot Chocolate and Zumba!

On Friday afternoon some of the boarders had a "let's get all of our work done!" session in the kitchen before all of the boarders got together in Hobhouse to watch a film. We watched "Chocolat" to conclude cultural week, which was organised by international girls in Highcroft. It was an excellent week, including a Kenyan workshop and Polish dancing for Senior 5 and the Sixth Form!
After the film, Monique made a pot of her secret hot chocolate recipe back in Highcroft and, three pots later, we finally went to bed!
On Saturday morning there was hockey match against Leweston and in the afternoon a Zumba class was organised for all of the boarders. This was widely enjoyed and hopefully there will be more sessions in the future. After the Zumba, Didi made a LOT of sushi in the spirit of cultural week.
On Saturday night Miss Cowper requested that we watch her favourite film, Robin Hood, and so we had a Disney movie marathon!
On Sunday we made a ginger birthday cake for Edith and Connie and then caught up on some work in the afternoon. Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Movies, shopping and scones!

Friday night was movie night in Highcroft after another busy week, which involved musical chairs on Monday night and the BBC’s final episode of the culinary drama, ‘Bake-Off’ on Wednesday evening. We finally decided that it would be a good idea to watch the second Hunger Games in anticipation of the third film, which comes out in November.
On Saturday, after the 1st team played an excellent hockey match winning 4-0, there was a shopping trip to Yeovil. Lots of girls also went into Bath for the afternoon to meet up with friends and buy their dresses for the charity ball in a few weeks time! In the evening, girls went to the Cary Carnival to see the floats, and also have their first toffee apple fix of the year.On Sunday morning some girls went to church whilst others went to the music block and the gym. In the afternoon the Leiths girls practised baking sweet and savoury scones, which we all  got to judge afterwards! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


'Great British Bake Off' fever sweeps Cumberlege and Highcroft

Now into the third week back at school, and Highcroft remains in great spirits.   Some of the Upper Sixth went into Bath at the weekend, primarily to visit the University Open Day, but also to see friends and do some shopping. On a slightly smaller scale, girls also went into Bruton to visit BOB's (or "Budgens of Bruton" - for anyone not in the know) and the park to relax and unwind.   A fair amount of time was spent in the kitchen this week. On Wednesday night we made brownies for the charity cake sale after getting some tips from our much beloved "Great British Bake Off" (now a Wednesday evening ritual), and on Saturday we had pancake flipping competitions. On Sunday afternoon we made a birthday cake which definitely exceeded expectations for Meghan Sherwin’s "Sweet 16", and this was much appreciated over in Cumberlege.


Highcroft began on a high with new faces in the Lower Sixth

The start of a new year in Highcroft saw great anticipation and excitement of a journey towards future aspirations, as the Upper Sixth warmly welcomed the new intake of Sixth Form students. University open day visits are a priority for most at this time, with Southampton University the venue of choice this weekend. As true role models and ambassadors of the school, the girls have been keen to apply their skills and knowledge both within the boarding community and the wider community as a whole. The senior International Representative, Angela Liu, gave a valuable talk to Senior 5 and the Sixth Form on 'Life in Bruton as an International Boarder', while others spent Saturday morning volunteering at Sexey’s Hospital. Saturday afternoon offered a time to relax with new friends, spend the afternoon shopping in Bath, enjoy the sunshine out in the garden or complete a 1000 piece puzzle before spending the evening practising their culinary skills together. A productive and enthused first weekend, topped off by The Boarders' Challenge 2014!

Highlight of the weekend - The Boarders' Challenge!

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon on the grassy banks of Coburn. Boarders began to assemble from every angle, chanting songs of victory and stretching out the summer cobwebs.  Once again they were challenged by every member of the boarding staff; Miss Rice demanded a ransom in order to save a tiny seal from it's watery death and we dodged Ms Weaver's army of river crocodiles. When back on dry land we had to communicate efficiently, when Miss Bennett Jones demanded we pick up a football with only four pieces of string, and we got very close very quickly standing on tiny gym mats. Miss Cowper tested our mathematical skills with six tyres - a true PE teacher - and in Miss James' challenge we resorted to throwing the juniors through walls. Several rounds of tug of war decided on the winners, sweets were handed out and the staff ended up on the floor - all in all an excellent afternoon in boarding.  Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth