Chemistry (KS3, GCSE and A level)

Chemistry is taught using a practical and hands-on approach wherever possible, making the lessons really enjoyable and relevant.

At Key stage 3 we ensure all students are safe in the laboratory and teach basic skills of Chemistry, in order to prepare them fully for GCSE and beyond. We follow the AQA GCSE course in Chemistry and Trilogy Science at Key stage 4.

Chemistry is a demanding A level, and success in it will bring many rewards.  It offers a fascinating and challenging perspective on the world from atomic particles upwards.  The main topics are: atomic structure, physical chemistry and organic chemistry . It will appeal to girls with an inquiring mind who enjoy problem-solving and who can think clearly and logically.  Practical work is an important aspect of the subject.

You may decide to choose Chemistry for a number of reasons.  If you wish to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine/Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering or Food Science the subject is essential.  Chemistry is a good combination when studied with Biology, Physics and Mathematics since there are common areas between the subjects so that one can provide useful support for the other.  However girls often successfully combine Chemistry with contrasting subjects such as English, Music or a Language.

Over many years Chemistry has proved to be a very popular subject with a large uptake in the Sixth Form and students have achieved excellent results to match their high grades at GCSE.