Biology (KS3, GCSE and A level)

Biology is a subject for life - our pupils often talk about  how much it applies to all that they do and how it helps them to develop an inquisitive approach to their studies.  They challenge themselves to ask why organisms function as they do, how they are able to survive and how they can ensure the continuing success of our planet!

If you have a keen interest in the many opportunities that Biological Sciences have to offer in your future career, we as a department have the experience and expertise to guide and help you. The department has many successes in the British Biology Olympiad with awards including two Gold medals and one Bronze amongst many Highly Commended and Commended certificates.  During your A level, in addition to the theory units on topics such as cells, molecules, biodiversity, homeostasis, disease, physiology, ecology and genomes you will undertake many practical experiments to support your learning and develop the skills necessary to undertake scientific research.  Over many years Biology has proved to be a very popular subject with a large uptake in the Sixth Form and students have achieved excellent results to match their high grades at GCSE.

Within the department we like to use a kinaesthetic approach which involves making biological models and using a pond and an old railway cutting for conservation in conjunction with Somerset Wildlife Trust - we have some exciting rare species to observe in their natural environment.

In essence enthusiasm for our natural world is key to the department and our aim is to share this with all our girls.


What the Girls say
“Building on the material studied at GCSE, A level Biology provides you with a deeper understanding of key topics and it inspires you to want to learn more. So many processes are constantly taking place without us even realising, which is mind-blowing. It is a fascinating subject that I now plan to study further at university.”