13+ Scholarships


The candidate is expected to show outstanding ability and potential in their chosen subject - English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) or Modern Foreign Languages.  Applicants may attend an interview with the Head of Department.

All Round

Applicants should demonstrate all-round merit or qualities such as leadership, team spirit, community service and contribution to school life.


Candidates for the Sport scholarship should demonstrate ability, potential and achievement in Sport. Applicants are assessed for general fitness and ability by the Director of Sport, and will be required to compile a portfolio of evidence of ability and achievement to bring with them on interview day.


The Scholarship is awarded for ability and potential in Art.  Applicants are required to prepare a presentation portfolio of their work and may be invited to attend an interview with the Head of Department.


Candidates must prepare an audition piece and perform an unseen piece with the Head of Drama.


Applicants are assessed for musicianship and musical potential as well as the level achieved in Associated Board examinations. Applicants are asked to:

  • Audition on the instrument(s) of their choice (including voice) and take a sight-reading test
  • Attend an interview with the Director of Music
  • Provide a written report from their instrumental teacher(s).

A Music Scholar receives discounted music tuition for the duration of her time at Bruton School for Girls.

The awards offered in a given year are at the discretion of the Awards Committee including the Headmistress and Governors.

Scholarship applications for September 2019 are now closed.

The website will be updated with Scholarship information for September 2020 entry during the Summer term.