100% Pass Rate for ESB

100% Pass Rate for ESB

Bruton School for Girls has announced the outstanding English Speaking Board exam results of its students with a 100% pass rate.

Pupils from the school were thrilled to receive their results: 13 Lower Sixth Form girls took the Advanced Certificate in Spoken English. Eight gained Distinction and five gained a Merit Plus. The award of a Distinction carries 65 UCAS points, while a Merit Plus carries 60 UCAS points.

Mrs Jillian Evans, Head of English, said that she was delighted with the results, which reflected the girls’ talent as well as their hard work.

She added: “The importance of excellent communication skills cannot be underestimated in today’s competitive world. The girls have shown by their performances in this demanding exam that they are skilful communicators.”

To learn more about the English Department at BSG visit the Curriculum Page.

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